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T@Y~T@Y$ B@D {pr3t!!&p@!d} M@!N L@D!! fukk u...p@y mii! b@dd b!tch m3nt@l!ty !nd33d RESPCT MII OR GIT CHEK SIMPLE AS DHAT SOOO...STAY IN LINE ON MII WATCH TAN TWIN TRULII

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Apr 13 2011 8:15PM
friend{S} was neva needed
i came into this world ALONE... so dhtz how imma leave dhiss b****..i stand alone by myself on my own and if a b**** feel like dey not wit meh by thee way...i say...i dont give a damn
Apr 12 2011 7:53PM
lexis bynum ****ed on herself teeheeteeheehteeeheee
Apr 11 2011 8:04PM
i hate hoes and hoes envy meh... b****es need 2 keep dey fuqqn mouth close if they gon lie stupit ass low life broke down b****es need 2 git a fuqqn life damn ... dhatz y i blocked her big fat childish ass
Apr 10 2011 8:03PM
i (Say) What i Want, i (Do) What i Want, i (Get) What i Want NOW GET THE **** OFF MY ****
Apr 10 2011 7:59PM
finna go take a shower din call my 1st born back cuz ha daddy mad!!;)but mama gne make him feel better*tehehe
Apr 10 2011 7:58PM
i hate hoez
Want My Attention? Throw Up A Dollar Sign ***** Hoe!SN: Textin Wat I Trained Yep Reem Kno Wea Its At Dats Y He Still Chea Umhum CHECKMATE!
Apr 10 2011 7:58PM
Apr 10 2011 7:57PM
his 1 and onlii lovelii ladii
I Hit A Nerve & It Wasnt On Accident Hoe Call 1-800 Ask Gary If U Got Any Questions SN:Hackin My Man Page Cus Im DaOnly1Wit Access 2 It Yep!
Apr 10 2011 7:46PM
bout meh
old enuff ta knoe better -
•i love em : i hate em•
freshman "khs"
"i believe in p e a c e but im bout my issue.!
jealously iis ah' "w e a k" emotiion.!
Apr 10 2011 7:45PM
d party
jus came 4rm thee fav $.K lil sleepover it was 3 bored but atlest i showed up cuz it wasnt alot of ppl da but yea it was aight


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Feb 20 2011 12:13PM

Hey i dont know you but thanks for adding me . if you talk to mee maybe we can be friends .:)
so yeah hope your having a good dayy .
hmu sometimee sweetie (:

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