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next to the luv of my life, United States
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hi im jacob

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Aug 5 2011 4:12AM
all i want
all i want is to have u back
Jul 19 2011 9:24PM
no strength
i dont even have the strength to lie and pretend to smile and say everything is fine anymore...Things just seem to get worse
Jul 5 2011 7:36PM
i wanna die i wanna bleed i wanna cry but all i can do is just keep walking with a smile on my face and pretend the scars aren't really there
Jun 21 2011 8:43PM
hey everyone just got back from the hospital wish i never came back but here i am mabe ill try agin soon idk yet
May 16 2011 9:21PM
good bye
srry everyone im leaven i cant take all te **** going on here anymore twoof my closes friends ran away
Mar 10 2011 8:22PM
wtf is up with this
why would someone want to kick my ass just for haveing feelings for my bestfriend thats his girlfriend and why most everyone want to fight me im sick of this


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Oct 3 2013 1:29AM

JACOB! That's ur name right? she doesn't know her email and pw no more hope u get on soon message this profile till she can remember it again she will use this profile for now she said sorry and she loves u
Dec 30 2011 8:27AM

Heyy =) Love Yuu Babe So Much <3<3<3 Needa Talk To Yuu Soon Sometime Just Let Me Know When Yuu Will Be On Again ^__^ Id Prob Make It On
Aug 17 2011 3:58PM

yuu dont wanna lose me??? yuu shoulda thought about that before yuu told that chick all those things
like we were together nd yuu went nd told her those things....
nd i love yuu 2 alot....nd always will no matter what nd yuu cant lose me if we still aint together again

LOVE YUU 2 JACOB!!! <3 <3 <3
Aug 11 2011 9:18PM

Well Angel Wont Talk To Me Now.....

And I Dont Know Who Is Liein But I Do Want You Back :/
Aug 1 2011 12:56AM

whatever you said is bullsh*t jacob.....angel is mad at you and dont want to talk to you
i hate you now for what you did
i dont know why i let you walk back in to my life
angel well its going to be a while before she isnt mad at you again
she wants to talk to you soon and needs to talk to you soon she said so message her

Jul 20 2011 1:32PM

Hey Babe

I Wanted To Leave A Comment...
I Love You And I Always Will No Matter What Happens
I Will Always Be Here For You If You Need Someone To Talk To
I Always Did Nd Always Will Care About You
No One Can Change Anythin I Say It Is All True
I Dont Ever Wanna Lose You Again I Just Got You Back
And If Everyone Hates You Its Cause They Are Jelouse Of You Cause Ik No One Can Hate Someone Like You =)

Like Me And My Sister Say "Everyone Likes Me If They Dont Its Cause I Dont Want Em 2 XD"

Well Babe Talk To You Soon =D
Jul 6 2011 5:21AM

i love yuu 2 <3 always will no matter what
Mar 11 2011 6:05PM

leavein the site BYE
Mar 8 2011 5:18PM

i missed u
Mar 7 2011 5:33PM


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