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in ur bed waiting for you ........., United States
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my name is kecia and: I LOVE BOYS i am SINGLE =) i love to play: football, kickball, basketball, volleyball, and swimming

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Apr 28 2011 10:24PM
looks like it has been a year since i have been on here or at least the lst time tht i have posted something upp herere well if y kno me message me lol ill tlk to ya lol and myb u cn get my number ook well skool in the am gtg peace peeps hit upp my inbox :)
Apr 25 2010 12:32PM
uhmmm yea i have other sites i go on more than this so hit me up and we can chat oin something else tht i go on everyday
Mar 5 2010 9:56PM
HOLY ****!!!!!!
hahaha WOW its been almost a mmonth lol i have been on here like i dont get on here and u wanna tlk 2 me message me 4 da cell #............haha this website is like idk haha i never come on here anymore soo yea
Jan 18 2010 5:09PM
misss bein on here haven't for a while cuz idk but got new pics up on myspace hit me up for the URL
Dec 12 2009 4:39PM
srry been grounded for a month so i havent been on but imma try to b on every weekend at least lol message me ppl
Nov 25 2009 11:07PM
Omg <333333
Wishing he was on right now srsly wanna tlk to him ~nsw~ <333
Nov 25 2009 2:55AM
R.I.P. Nana<333
This blog goes out to all the ppl tht lost a loved one tht they rlly loved well today makes a year since my grandma died it's soo sad to tlk about but she died of lung cancer and I missher soo much sometimes tht I think of all the good times we had and it makes me feel wicked better my poor dad has been not a nervous wreck but struggling tryin to keep my grandma off his mind but it is sooooo hard when u loose a loved one a d all u cAn do is cry it out bcuz it reminds u of tht person inmovies and in general when ur walking down the street and someone looks exactly like her it's scary well I juss miss my grandma sooo much I wish she could come back for mayb 1 or 100 more years

Nana we love, Kecia keionna katty lizzy luke and dad hopefully dreams will b fulfilled up thee in tht wonderful place of angels
Nov 24 2009 11:01PM
Mood <333
My heart will always be waiting for tht special someone no one can ever take ur place and I will wait for tht day hopefully tht we can b back together again and our love will keep us together and nothing could get in the way of breaking us up and one day mayb u will understand how much u mean to me and tht u will accept for who I am and we could look into eachothers eyes see the real me and fall in love and I wouldn't have to think about y we broke I juss don't kno how to express this feeling I have for you it's sooo many words tht juss make me feel about you when it takes three words I LOVE YOU and thts wht I mean I wanna be with you forever and when I tlk to you I smile and I get all happy and I even start to cry a little bcuz I kno you are the one I love you are the one guy I can say I love you too and like rlly mean bcuz you mean the entire world to me if something happened to you I would think it was my fault if I ever see you baby I would never let you go and thts a promise but sometimes you can be a little mean to me but you say you are a jerk to me I don't see it cuz I love you but I guess you can say u hurt me a little when we don't tlk for like a good couple months or even days I think about you all the time there's isn't a day I don't think bout you cuz you are always on my mind but I prolli have to move on bcuz you say you love someone else and dey is perfec for you well I guess we can juss stay as good friends and I may never get to be more than tht bcuz I ruined it the first time for whtever I did and I'm srry tht I screwed it up it's all my fault and I'm srry

~When YOU read this you will kno who you are bcuz you kno me and you kno how I feel about you~
Aug 22 2009 12:20AM
WOW !!!!!!!!
juss got back from darien lake it was soooo much funn but im wicked tired lol
Aug 20 2009 4:06AM
I'm bored kinda LOL juss like woke up in da middle of the night randomly I got on here


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nickthe boss
May 5 2011 12:37AM

Wats but... if u gotta fb add me... nbox ur cell
Apr 3 2011 10:07AM

meee too i was going to but then my mom was like your never home and when your home on the weekends your never here your always at your friends so she made me stay home but ill prolly be at my dads for most of april break
Apr 2 2011 2:12PM

omg omg i havent went on here in forever you went on like the second of this monthh and hm sometime since you live in my bed waiting for me united statess and yeahhh brian texted me the other dasyy
Nov 25 2009 11:32PM

hey hey hey givn u n ur page some love ur amazing
blaze it
Nov 25 2009 1:55AM

heyy baby whats up
just showin some luv
Oct 19 2009 8:38PM

WaSS up Homee Scillett

SShowiin Att Guud FanTaCee
Love ta uu Gu
Sep 28 2009 11:00PM

this my babe just super goood frnds givn ur page some love
Sep 8 2009 5:59PM

last truth last wish last chance idk wat i said im just being me.......Asala malakam
Aug 31 2009 9:45PM

this is mt bestie2 ily givin ur page the best lovin it will ever get
Aug 29 2009 10:06PM

heyyyyyyyy bestie juss returnin da luv
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