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rockwall, United States
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i love 3oh!3 and i am a cheerleader and i love Jacob Black and Edward Cullen and i love all the twilight saga's. i have 33 webkinz and i love them.AND I LOVE BON QUI QUI CRYSTAL GEL FOR YA NAIL MY NAME IS NIKKI
webkinz and fantage AND YOU TUBE

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Jul 13 2010 5:22PM
he y
Jul 2 2010 3:02PM
fight days
ui hate it when me and my brother are fighting cause he hits me and i hit him back
Jun 10 2010 5:44PM
i luv facebook if any one has one then my user name is nikki sexyton just search me up
Jun 7 2010 12:40PM
justice store
com,e to my job at justice and get 40% off the whole store in rockwall
Jun 6 2010 9:11AM
justin biber
gay little girl i hate ''her'' do not like him
Jun 6 2010 9:10AM
my first kiss
my first kiss went a little like this and twist and twist
Dec 30 2009 10:21AM
happy new year
happy new year
Dec 30 2009 10:21AM
new moon
new moon is awesome better than the first
Oct 7 2009 4:51PM
b day
my b day is today peeolz tell me hppy brth dy
Oct 1 2009 6:23PM
its the best band any could ask for yea holler till you pass out rock on nat


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Apr 3 2010 9:48PM

ok everyone who knowz nikki umm she's not coming on anymore cuzz she thinks this is boring so yea....[rubs neck]
Jan 16 2010 9:17PM

ur right new moon was better than the first nikki hey thanks for not spending my 20 XD miss u see u later oh yeah one more thang were STARSTRUCKED !!!!!!!!! ( cuz we saw robotic chucke!!! ) lolz
Oct 8 2009 8:18PM

hey jordan is 10!!!!!! i should know i went to her party and we stayed u pto 4!!!!!

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