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okay well im deleting everyone off my friends list -_- and you can still message I guess but to much drama and people trying call me a fake and im done so I may not add anyone to friends list
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Jan 21 2016 10:30PM
I'm done here
Good bye forever :)
May 24 2015 3:26AM
Drake actually online.....ewww don't message him Jk lol hope he sees this :p **** need visit sometime....I deletes Nikki's number by accident too sooo if y'all are still talking or whatever gotta get her message again and I'll pay my phone soon since u use it....have a good night asshole better not be partying to hard lol suppose quit remember :p u told that one chick u talk to u try XD 😂 talk to u later dork! I'm going back to gaming
May 18 2015 12:55AM
well then
went fireworks lastnight got ****ed up but I know they tell me these things to keep me safe and so it doesn't hurt me worse when they know its to late going to be hard but ill pull through I always do and well I hope he gets what comes to him! that **** I heard was nasty I wish I could just go find out where he is now and go b**** at him and punch him just straight up pound on him like what he did and is doing is not right ik if I say its fine my uncles would do it cause this **** is messed up I mean I cried a lot lastnight and today I rather hurt him myself ik I could my ex got what came to him that one night for putting me through abuse and trying kill me all the time that one night I couldn't deal with it no more got tired of it and went to far with my sisters seeing me be abused so he got it that night and he still trying get me back like why want me back after I hurt u why would I take u backw ith what u put me through? and now this xP like guys are ****ing stupid im nothing but caring and nice and all that bull**** u all just use it against me and all then when it gets to far is when I push u away but you know my dad and step mom has taught me to not do nothing unless if I really NEED To and I did make my mind strong I worked on myself ALOT its why I don't hurt no one and all like seriously I can go off just like that but I choose not too im just so done I don't want you near me ik y my dad hates u now and he is going to try keep you away but I do need u to sign some stuff so I cant let him keep u away I will argue with him but I will work on getting you outta my life and we don't need you...you ****ed up im sorry I don't want you part of our life u messed up I did work on getting along with u and not push u away but look what u did and u want everything ur way if its not u walk away but u always come back im done with that crap
May 14 2015 9:39PM
😂 that
Is why I hate meeting people....guys XD ahahaha **** u gtfoh with that ****!
May 14 2015 3:18AM
So my friend Kagen invited MW to play bo2 on ps3....but I'm on Netflix and when I check my messages shows got invite but now he on YouTube -.- guess get some sleep got be up and ready in morning plus I'm really tired
May 14 2015 2:44AM
So I got yahoo Skype Kik and I don't remember what else but I hate giving it out XD weird why do I even bother having them :p
May 14 2015 2:31AM
Tired bored and hot....can't sleep thinking of bath maybe or shower
May 13 2015 11:35PM
Don't ask for pictures Iam not much of a picture person so unless u wanna argue and fight and make me look like a mean ass b*tch go for it...
May 13 2015 7:55PM
been a while
Its been a while since I've been on here sorry for late replies harsh replying few months later feel bad but took a while to remember my email lucky I remembered tho :3 so just message if u want
Jun 28 2014 2:07PM
Soo everyone went see transformers heh I woulda went yesterday with uncle buutt was busy with going to this program with my aunt see all 5 of her kids heh they r soo cute mostly her youngest daughter she my fav and her youngest son who is 6 months old boy was he ever angry with me cause I gave him to his ma so could eat so I took a bite or two gave my food to her daughter and took her son back then he was full of smiles boy does the two my fav and her older brother eat so much just like their dad lol but carrying the 6 month old in his car seat up and down all those stair struggling with the other two younger kids was a struggle since aunts always talking lol. I always went ahead cause kids didn't wanna wait first time two older girls and 6 month old came usually it's just my fav and her older brother lol


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Feb 14 2014 12:21PM

yes its true uk its true admite it
Feb 14 2014 11:42AM

yea but i love u more and uk it
Jan 18 2014 11:06AM

***** Riot
Jan 17 2014 5:25PM

lol but i like pretending
now just thinking about that O.O
Jan 17 2014 5:08PM

i can still pretend u have one o.o
like i said strap on banana
Jan 17 2014 4:59PM

Strap on Banana O.O
Jan 17 2014 4:55PM

uk what banana
Jan 17 2014 4:39PM

no ur banana
Jan 17 2014 11:31AM

not that kind of bannana O.O
Jan 17 2014 10:18AM

ill do it again
I want bannana o.o
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