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hey im destiny...but im known as ?? years old as you can see...well dhats iht!...

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Jan 11 2010 6:51PM
loveein ywu!...
i love lyfe,love,family! so live laugh nd love all! buh bye! sssppphhh...ahd me
Jan 11 2010 6:50PM
dha baddyest;s0 fux ywu b****ee!...
yupx!...ii kall'd ha hands out33 nd she didnt dwu ah dahm danq!...
Jan 11 2010 6:49PM
listenx ppl ii n33d sum mor3 frans so ihf ywu kan ahd m3 plz! thanx ywu!...
Jan 11 2010 6:48PM
ii f33l asz ihf ii dnt exzist ihn hiz lyf3 anymore! s0 what?...[[what dwu ywu mean so wat]]! s0 what ii lovee hym!...


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Jan 12 2010 3:18PM

Hi, people all of you need to read this, itwinkie, whats her face, just adds random people. i'm not friends with this b****, she just added me. What a fuc**in idiot. thanks for listening, and the people who had the same happen to them, BLOCK HER!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW, IMMEDIETLY! thanks again! Toodles! Oh and check me out! I'll be friends with nice, and sometimes quier people! AS LONG AS I KNOW YOU! thanks toodles once again bye!
Jan 10 2010 9:55PM

hey i stole your comment virginity

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