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Perth, Australia
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I am Lynn.. And I am 13 .. I am straight.. Don't Talk to me if your fake ... I am Very weird to talk to :D
Ask for them

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Feb 15 2012 2:47PM
I hate feeling depressed I just wanna be happy. ;(
Feb 15 2012 2:15PM
Wondering :/
I wonder how long it would take a giraffe to throw up.?
Feb 15 2012 1:34PM
I'm a cadork for life <3 Sea cadets for life b****es
Feb 15 2012 1:29PM
I thought what we had was real.... all the time you and her fought I was there telling you what to do... I thought you were the one that will help me forget about richard... But no you go back out with your psycho ex girlfriend.
Sep 20 2011 10:15PM
Dora thinks she sexy showing her belly. -.-
Sep 20 2011 10:02PM
just call me brace face for no on .... ;)
Sep 12 2011 9:04PM
... ****!
well i gonna get off of this for a while.... no use to having it :L... Well sooo long gay boys <3
Sep 12 2011 8:23PM
Jamming out to Justin bieber <3
Sep 11 2011 3:56PM
Bored ****-less
Sep 7 2011 7:47PM
Loving gradde 8 My teacher looks like hitler . and he's weird... i love it <3 Sore from working out at the gym :)


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