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yakama, United States
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im smart and funny im cute thats wat i heard well im athletic i luv sports 2 play not 2 watch and i hope youll be my friend i have gold eyes

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Dec 5 2010 4:38PM
middle school
mkiddle school is like ur in a big jungle but not where i live is small here only 2 8th graders 4 7th graders and 16 6th graders here is a small town i get more privllages here its like im a gurl who has her own choices untill i get home i gotta watch my lil bros but i get paid like 20dallors every other time i baby sit i watch a 3 5 and a 9 year its not tht fun all i pretty much do is work work and work yup all it is is work but the fun part is i get paid so yea but sum times i wish i were the only child if its fun being the only child tell me if it is or if its not thnx
Dec 5 2010 3:59PM
its a password if u play this game
Jun 4 2010 11:36PM
all kids became friends then are breakin down wat can help my class
by not breakin apart
rite me some answers
Jun 2 2010 7:37PM
schools almost out ant imsad
schools almost out and now im sad i dont want it out now i have2 go6th grade 6 more days left and now im real sad
Jun 1 2010 10:15PM
mosthers day poem i wrote to my joni = jonster
roeses r red
vilots r blue
u r my jonster
and i will always
love u
May 22 2010 3:50PM
im funny and nice so all you mostfungames people please ask to be my friedn dont have to im just nice and want to talk that all i like to do wen im on the cp
May 19 2010 10:51PM
sing heart out
hey do you like to sing if you do and u r afraid 2 sing in front of ur friends and family then just do it its not bad i did it and every 1 loved my singing at my old school and if there will be a talent show at my school then thet would be great cuz then they kno who and wat i really am


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Jun 14 2010 2:39PM

Trust me. You do want to go to 6th grade.
I'm going to 7th grade now. 6th was the absolute best year of my lifee! <3
May 19 2010 10:52PM

u were now jus officially katied by well...katie
Apr 24 2010 4:10PM

figure i should stop by and sayy hi :D
return the comment please :D
AvrilLavigne fan
Apr 22 2010 2:34PM

heyy just showin yur page sum love :)
Apr 21 2010 10:02PM

hiya :D furzt comment

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