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tasting the rainbow!!!!, United States Minor Outlying Islands
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im kevin (single) im really random kevin+chicken=chicken nugget jacker

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Jan 23 2011 3:31AM
i havent been in this site in a long time and alwas thouse thought about quitting ill miss a few people but ill doubt they remember me so bye
Sep 17 2010 2:55AM
o nozz!!!
milis birth day is today(friday) but idk wat to give her!!! D:
Aug 15 2010 12:16PM
b**** hide ur chicken nuggets cuz im gonna jack them
Aug 9 2010 1:03PM
kevin the kitty hobo
he stole my ****ing taco!!!!!!!
Aug 9 2010 12:00PM
Jul 26 2010 9:06AM
wow did everyone forget me
Jul 26 2010 9:00AM
like omg!!!
wait i forgot
Jul 26 2010 8:32AM
**** more veiws
read the top
Jun 29 2010 6:11PM
bye :(
i have to go now see yew all in 2 weeks
Jun 29 2010 5:40PM
bye imma miss yew all
im gonna be gone for 2 weeks im gonna miss yew all :( i have to go to mexico to see my dad


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Feb 13 2012 6:31AM

-sigh- its been over a year since u left and i still come to this website and i still look at ur profileand think some of the good times we talked about and shared <3 and i know i have posted many of my "i miss you" but i keep felling that aint enough so im typing this and i just want to say i hope ur having a great life and i love you......
Jul 31 2011 10:18PM

kevin....i miss you and adam :/
Apr 11 2011 6:29AM

bye kevin i'll miss you....forever
Mar 10 2011 1:02AM

byes i'll miss u4 ever
Feb 3 2011 2:46AM

bye i'll miss u
Jan 23 2011 8:27AM

Nov 26 2010 5:06AM

hey hows it going? did u miss meh?
Oct 23 2010 3:47PM

Yes.. I have :D
Oct 23 2010 10:51AM

okayyy now that ur srry...u can have my super muffin
-hands muffin- have a blast with it xD
Oct 20 2010 4:21PM

?? xD
u agreed with adam to jump me D:
thats so not bestfriend awesomeness
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