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Hey! my name is jessica im really cool, im emo nd bi!!!!I AM SUPER RANDOM SO YEAH ANYWAYS PLZ BE MY FRIEND IM AWSOME I THINK!!!!!!!LOLZ=D
I Love Emo's!!!!!!!!!!!^_^

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Nov 18 2009 7:22PM
Do i want to live??
I hate life i juz want to die rite now almost all my friends wont tlk to me nd my mom nd dad had a fight.....this sucks like hardcore.....i juz want to die already.....I want to cut so deep i would bleed to death!!!!!!!!! =..(............
Aug 16 2009 12:44PM
Where are my people??
I'm bored talk to me people gosh i feel like i don't exist here!!!!!!!=/lolz
Aug 16 2009 5:19AM
Well its 4:18 here now and im going to pass out so night and love you people!!!!!!lol=D
Aug 15 2009 9:25PM
I Can't Stop Thinking Of Him!!!!!!!!
I hate being in love because my used to be boyfriend cheated on me and now i am soooo sad i need to talk to my friends before i cut myself again!!!!!!!What The **** why is life so hard??=..(
Aug 15 2009 7:31PM
I Hate Life...........................=..(
Do you ever wish you were died because no one cares about you thats how i feel right now because i loved this guy with all my heart and he cheated on me and i need someone right now to forget about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^ (I Want to cut myself right now)
Apr 22 2009 7:08PM
heyy im just here with ma sister katrina


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Aug 18 2009 12:58AM

heres a hug..
if yuh want it

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