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Hi im haley and i love to play sports.My favorite sport is basketball.I love to listen to music.I go to church.I have three brothers.I have a stepmom and stepdad.i love my mom. any more info just message me. ^-^ *~haley~*

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Oct 24 2010 9:29PM
R.I.P. Cole Miller 14 Tn hung himself
Jun 25 2010 9:32PM
micheal jackson
micheal jackson has been dead a year now...and the only way i can remeber my aunt and unckle annavisery is by mj
Jul 17 2009 9:33AM
everytime i go out with someone the always break up with me.so now im just single.

Haley is sad now!!
Jun 8 2009 12:57PM
Have you ever kissed someone?
Have you ever cheated on someone?
What's your name?
WHat's your last name?
Have you ever married someone?
Have you ever asked someone out?
Have you ever went on a date?
Have you ever loved someone?
Have you ever hated/disliked someone?
Have you ever got a certifcate?
Have you ever been in a car accident?
have you ever had a computer or laptop?
have you ever had a myspace?
have you ever talked to a stranger?
have you ever been in a strange prolem?
have you ever been mad at your dad?
have you ever get what you want?
have you ever been in a fight?
have you ever been to church?
whats up with 20 questions?


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peace is love
Nov 7 2010 4:43PM

Hey just showin ur profile sum luv
Jul 18 2009 11:26PM

Wat up seconnd comment yea
May 16 2009 8:47PM

WOOOOO-HOOOOOO 1st comment thanx for being my friend

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