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the hood, United States
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Im 5'8 blue eyes skater hair,my hair is light brown with some blonde highlights, i wear skater clothes. I love to skate, and chill with girls. Im pretty thin too. I like to go to the gym and workout a lot with my friends.

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Apr 20 2008 2:58PM
this site is mad boring. i dont no y i even go on here. i guess when i am bord?
Mar 1 2008 10:14PM
i am now a sponsered sk8ter. yah
Nov 1 2007 7:31PM
I like to skate thats all
Aug 17 2007 3:48PM
i took it off
i took the pic of me off b/c u cant see it very good srry
Aug 17 2007 3:41PM
thats me
ya thats me in fronyt of my friends escalade.
Aug 16 2007 10:25AM
im hott!!!!
yo im 5'2 blue eyes sk8er hair, i wear sk8ter clothes, my hair is light brown with some blonde highlights{or thats wat all the girls say that i have some blonde} so all u hot girls look me up!!!!! and fat chicks stay away and go eat twinkies or sumthin.
Aug 16 2007 10:25AM
irishchick is s stoopid whore wit no friends. she can go die in a hole of used flavored condoms. yo she be messin wit the wrong nigg 4 reals.
Aug 16 2007 10:18AM
Rocket 11
if you like r on rocket 11's friends list yo plzzzz tell him is said "**** YOU"
Aug 16 2007 10:17AM
shoot me.................
this website is now so boring be =cause of the new chatroom. its not even funny how bord i am today......
Aug 16 2007 10:15AM
great come backs.....
if some one says ur gay or retarded say tnot wat ur mom said when i was on top. if someone says ur mom is gay or sumting stupid like that say i dont have a mom me and my friends just share urs. and if someone say good comeback sarcasticly say if i wanted my cum back i would scraped it off ur moms teeeth. ilol be back wit more next week


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Sep 21 2007 5:48PM

just showin your pg some luv
Sep 10 2007 5:36PM

Yeah bro's before ho's
Sep 8 2007 10:27PM

hey wats up member me from the chat room bmx tricks
Sep 6 2007 8:23AM

hey wats up returning the love lol
Sep 2 2007 11:39AM

yankees suck!!!!!! red sox threw a no hitter last night and it was a rookie who threw it
Sep 1 2007 2:04PM

nm, u my nigg.a
Aug 30 2007 10:25PM

For all the weed that I've smoked - yo this blunt's for you
To all the people I've offended - yeah **** you too!
To all the friends I used to have - yo I miss my past
But the rest of you assholes can KISS MY ASS
For all the drugs that I've done - yo I'm still gon' do
Aug 30 2007 6:43PM

hey wut up just show'n ur page some love
Aug 30 2007 7:12AM

hey wats up itsb ur girl~~~me
Aug 22 2007 10:16AM

hey wats poppin
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