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I'm in love with animation bleach, BOBOBO, full metal alchemist, kodocha, case closed, yo yo yo hakoshow, blue gender, slayers, death note,and much more, i hate tomatoes but i love ketchup, i love RAMEN AND SEA FOOD. thats me and theres alot more

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Sep 8 2008 11:06PM
i've been A'ing my test im ganna get somthing good for my b-day this year
Sep 5 2008 8:24PM
man anime is so great it gets better but if you want to watch better anime learn japanese
Sep 5 2008 8:20PM
im a WACKO
im very trustworthy but i love music to much of it (more than anime just joking) i like drowning pool, bon jovie, all american rejects, Plain white t's, draft punk, fall out boys, erope, delirious. and much more. im hyperactive


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