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Taylor Gang Or Die!, Iceland
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iNeed A Man With A Plan & Ambition, Not An Immature Kidd On A Pussy Hit Mission. <3

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Apr 22 2011 10:10PM
Everyytime i Trust Somebody, They Show me why i Shouldnt
Apr 19 2011 5:24PM
Once Youu bring a Pack of Gum to School Evryone Wants to Be Your Friend
Apr 19 2011 1:33PM
I love how,
in scary movies,
the person yells out,
As if the bad guy
is gonna be like,
"Yeah, I'm in the kitchen!
Want a sandwich?"
Apr 19 2011 1:31PM
i don't care
if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor.
If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that.
Apr 19 2011 1:07PM
i Reallly Think Us Teens Need Naptime During School Way More The Kindergarders Do !
Apr 19 2011 1:01PM
True Statement(:
Only in America, The Pizza Arrives Faster Than an Ambulance or Police.
Apr 17 2011 1:47AM
Weed Roller <3
Hes' My Weeed Roller.
He Only Lasts For Three Bluntssz Then Its Overrr!
-Wizz kalifa
Apr 17 2011 1:43AM
im In Trouble im an Addict im Addicted to this Boy hes got my Heart Tied in a Knot & My Stomach in a Whirl But even Worse i Cannt stop Calling him .Hes All i Waaant and More i Mean Dammmn, Whats Not to Adore?
Mar 7 2011 9:43PM
Singglee Betch <333
Bleeh. I'm guessinqq You dont Feeel The Same Waay.?? Wow Whatever thaan.
Suck it! i Dont need youu Anywaay :/ **** Love! **** it! i Thought youu Were The one Buut Your Nothing But BullShiiit. (:
have A nice Life
HMU. S I N G L E L I F EEE <33


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Apr 19 2011 11:07PM

Hey I'm glade I'm getting to k yu:)
Apr 17 2011 3:09AM

Yummy Fresh Jizz Meat >:•]
Dec 14 2010 10:14PM

Nov 28 2010 7:24PM

cool i live in newyork
Nov 23 2010 10:38PM

ha its all good
so where ya from?
Nov 23 2010 10:37PM

Nov 23 2010 10:34PM

whos this gorgeous amazin girl i just met?
oh yeah her names jessica!
yeah shes pretty cool
ell gallo
Nov 17 2010 10:25PM

Hey just droped by to show your page and you some love
Have you heard lil waynes song hold up, and single there bad ass
Nov 17 2010 10:00PM

Showing your page some of my love

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