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being a fucckin' retard in theee, United States
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*_Reanna<3 || bisexxyy ;D || imma single pringle ;3 || likingg someonee ;x || weird , awesomeee , funnyy || wanna know more ? inbox mee ! kthxbyeeeeeeeeeee x|3

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Jan 28 2011 10:18PM
waddddaaaaaapp nugggaaahh?!?!?
hehe ^insiderrr wid my cousinn

sooo... tomorroww imma make a new profilee called ReannaRocketeer♥ add me? okaayyy but tkmorrow i gotta remember
or i cud make it now and put my pic tomorrow <-- yea ill do that
wen u see ReannaRocketeer♥ add ittttt!!

oh && message me!
Jan 28 2011 3:36PM
ehh xP
thinking of makin a new profilee ; either ReannaRocketeer♥ orrrr Reckless.Reanna♥

inbox me saying which one u likee moree!
Jan 27 2011 9:32PM
school tomorrow -___- fucckkkkk ! i dont wannaa goooooooooo! D: i wants to talk to people nd jus do nothingg ! bLAAh!

message me ? im bored out of myy fucckingg mind ;D
Jan 24 2011 5:48PM
tall ass muthaa fucckaasss ;o
today was such a cold day . had a headache . buttt it was still the best day ever !
while more than half the class was at a boring basketball game .... me and 7 of my bestestestt friends stayed in my science teachers room and jus talked . lmfaoo my friend vigyaan made me go on D: thank GOD the laptop cant do video ! lmfaoo aah ilyy guyss!!!!!

btww ; message mee!
Jan 20 2011 8:38PM
fucckin perverts these days man -.-
From: spider4988
Date: Jan 20 2011 8:32PM
Subject: RE: hey
u wanna have some sex

i replied with -_________________________- no
Jan 15 2011 12:00PM
Knockout- nicki minaj ft. LIL WAYNE!
i lovee that songg

" once you go wayne , then everyone else is wack . "
Jan 11 2011 10:38PM
haha^ thats my nickname in skewl ,

my friend makes me think nasty >.< she asked me , "what do they say about guys with big feet?"
i said , "idk ... they have big diccks?"
she said , " wtf! no , they have big socks!" xD
-.- <- that was the look on m face wen she told me that
Jan 4 2011 4:18PM
hi :3 
jus wanna say that u are fucckingg amazinggggg! 
ur funny and awesome !
ur my sexy beast ;D
iLurrveeeeeYouu xDD
btw ; ill wait no matter how long it takess cus im sweet likee that >.< x33
Jan 1 2011 7:02PM
about this chickk :}
-Reanna b i t c h e s ;]
-being bisexxyy is my superpower xD
-1OO% guyanessee &&reppin' iit ._.
-music is my life nd my husband x]
-i singgg ; jus ask my frandss
-i lurvee my friends and family
-i get pissed easily
- hint hint* dont mess wid me o.o
-i fall in love easilyy
-i have a crush on onee girl :3
-well ; thats it

btw ; u might wanna rape the message button up there :D
nd the friend button
but not the block button ;o


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