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Plz dont give me your shit, I've been through a lot. Thanks.

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Apr 2 2010 12:59AM
joshiiee, is getting hacked by his best friend Tallia<33
josh i love you & i know you are going to be A-OKAY soon.
girls, dont **** with him.
Mar 31 2010 8:35PM
Check it
I put 2 new pics on playlist, comment them
Dec 31 2009 5:43AM
The bestfriends<3
Zach [wifey] - This is my brother right here, Not really but it feels like it.
Thanks for havin my back bro. Brother love.<3 Your my baby. (;

Vinny [fucckked in the head uncle] - Vinny is my babygirl. Haha, nah hes a cool guy
to fucckk around with and just chill with, Again with the brother love.<3

Jess [daughter] - Jess is my friend.
Shes funny and crazier than crazy. Love you Jessipoo. (:

Hailey [daughter] - Shes pretty sexy. Haha. Shes a sillyrabbit. (:
One of the besties on this site. I love her. Hailey.. Your crazy! d:

Kristin [bestfriend] - Shes fucckkin amazing. Shes super funny and smart..
And shes pretty damn cuuute. (: Makes me laugh and smile.<3


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Apr 22 2010 4:06PM

I miss you, so much...
Apr 13 2010 9:17PM

Josh :{
Jan 31 2010 1:11AM

Bam! Yeah, i don't know. I'm chilly >.<
Jan 26 2010 10:23PM

No. No. This can not be happening. You ****ing have to come. Back. Please. You need to come back :'{
Jan 23 2010 9:25PM

dude i didnt get to talk to u before **** happend

ima miss you bro good luck with ****
Jan 20 2010 5:24PM

Josh, I Miss You <\33
You're One Of My Best Friends! <33
And..I Love You (:<33

D: I Hope To Talk To You..Again :/
Jan 19 2010 9:55PM

Josh i ****ing luhv yuh budd..
ill miss yuh and thinnk of yuh everyday.
dude stay ****ing strrong kay.
i luhv yuh.
Jan 19 2010 9:39PM

oh and I love u
Jan 19 2010 9:38PM

<33333333333 i'm gonna sound super mush but idfc-
Josh, ur the greatest bro
stay strong u got the world on ur side,
you'll make it to the light at the end, just be you bud
Jan 7 2010 4:00PM

Sup bro?
I miss you faggot.
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