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Feb 15 2012 7:23PM
Coughing in Bed while Listening to Music...):
Jan 17 2012 7:05PM
3 questions
1 chance.
3 honest answers.
Thats all you get.
You get to ask me 3 questions. (TO MY INBOX)
Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is.
No catch.
But I dare you to repost this.
And see what people ask you
Dec 28 2011 2:25PM
Imm Not Gonna Bee Online Alot Butt iF Yuuh Wanna Tlk To Mee, Messaqe Mee On PlayList at kiah35114.!
Dec 7 2011 7:16PM
my bday passed on december 4th.. happy late bday to me! :)
Oct 25 2011 6:56PM
Haay(: Everybodyy Add Mee As A Freend! I Wunna Tlkk Too WhooEvrr Adds'z Mee!(: Pwetty Plss'z!
Oct 12 2011 5:18PM
hey i have To leave This siTe For a while so im going to miss all of u guys but ill talk to you all soon.... :(
Oct 10 2011 10:46AM
:) ;)
hey i got my phone and laptop taken away so i made my dsi usefull..... message me :)
Oct 7 2011 7:27PM
Hmmmmm :'(
Bored outta my mind...:'(
Seend me a message plzz..:)
Girlss'z and Boyss'z...
iM Loneelyy:'(
I'm cooll nicee andd funny..:)
Oct 7 2011 6:39PM
School :P
Bla! School was boring.... My friend stole my M&M's right out of my hand as soon as I opened the bag.... Then he ran off and put the whole bag of M&M's in his mouth... But then I ate Skittles and gave him a couple.. Have to start working on my History project.. 7-10 ****ing pages all about Ancient Jews! I would've been done by now if Hitler was ancient.. But he's not.. Sucks... Gonna go see my brother in his football game later on.. #35! Let's go Spartans(Spartas)!!!!!
Oct 6 2011 8:02PM
H3y iM Loqqinq 0ff f0r @ Whil3.... n0b0dy$ me$$@qinq m3 s0 imm@ ju$t l0q 0ff... Miqht n0t b3 0n until t0m0rr0w 0r l@t3r.! Bye:) :D ;) 8)


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sexy girl190
Feb 18 2012 5:34PM

love ur new profile pic
sexy girl190
Dec 28 2011 3:44PM

i luv yhu 2 bestie
sexy girl190
Dec 28 2011 2:17PM

ha :P
Dec 17 2011 2:21PM

I miss you to! <3
sexy girl190
Dec 12 2011 11:34PM

ugh i h8t luke that jerk
sexy girl190
Dec 7 2011 10:07PM

miss u 2
u should give me ur # so we can text
sexy girl190
Nov 21 2011 7:11PM

oh my jankers i miss yhu
get on!!!
<3 Caitlyn Marie Taylor <3
sexy girl190
Nov 8 2011 5:41PM

hey chick
where r u???
me misses u!!!
Oct 31 2011 9:03PM

Heyy never talked to you in a while ehh jus wanned to share my love with yu :D miss yahh
sexy girl190
Sep 29 2011 4:32PM

100 memories, 200 jokes, 300 great times, 400 secrets, 1 reason: best friends!
~caitlyn and the gummy bears own this~
your incredible !!! :)
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