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P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney, United States
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I don't mind living in a mans world, as long as i can be the woman in it.

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Jul 16 2014 11:18PM
What is this 5 years ago this mostfungames was like live at night bye
Aug 31 2013 9:56PM
it seems to be that time of the year again that im single........
Aug 29 2013 6:59PM
go follow me on twitter @recklessbarbie5
Aug 6 2013 7:20PM
lets go
i miss school feel like in the summer theres no drama i want see stuff go down!!!
Aug 6 2013 7:02PM
hey guise does anyone want to talk?? message me!!
Aug 5 2013 7:49PM
keep calm and ask me Questions
guise if all got an ask yall should go ask me questions ask.fm/recklessbarbie5
Aug 5 2013 7:45PM
if yall got KIK yall should message me @ recklessprincess12
Jul 18 2013 9:50AM
Brandon and I together forever
3 years ago me and my love met on here I would have never thought we would have made it this far :) I'm lucky to have a guy like him. And I know I will always have him. We have never met face to face and it feels like we live on different planets when in reality its just distance and high school keeping us apart but I know he's the one. It might sound crazy but it's crazy without him. I love him and can't wait for many more years to be with him. I love my Brandon C more than anyone could ever imagine.
Nov 2 2012 9:40PM
basketball isnt fun anymore
damn i love basketball and all but sometimes this coach and some of my team mates make me hate it .....
coach just wants to win ... no fun... no fun??? the way i see it we win when we have fun playing not when we are in a pooped out mood
team mates: seem just to be playing for all the wrong reasons... idk...

idk if i want to play anymore....
Aug 1 2011 8:46PM
just waiting for my love to message me lol


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Jun 27 2011 3:40PM

love ya too bestie
triple x
May 5 2011 7:51AM

The girl is someone that u know :) and she has the same personality as u :) and it seems that u both send a message at the same time.............. and i like (the feds told me i cant say the L word) u too and thnx 4 the comment
lil sexy 254
Feb 23 2011 5:29PM

i love u
lil sexy 254
Feb 5 2011 9:56PM

just stoping by to show u some love
lil sexy 254
Dec 28 2010 10:36PM

this is my baby right here
Oct 11 2010 8:31PM

aint nobody mess with the this girl rite here. i gots yo back
Aug 28 2010 1:12PM

Yes. Because it's a force of nature.
Aug 1 2010 2:17PM

Hoot hoot hoot WHO TOUCHED MY GUN?!?

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