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my personal hell, United States
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Hello my name is amy moon(: yeahh im typical and im not that hard to get along withh just dont piss me off(:

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Nov 21 2009 10:57AM
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,/ *_) . -♥-♥-♥-♥-♥-♥- .
,,,,, _,----,_/,,/ , RAWR Means .
,,,,/,,,,,,,,,,,,,,/ , I Love You .
_/...(...|.(...|) , In Dinosaur .
Sep 15 2009 5:10PM
its cute and kinda pretty
¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.♥
Sep 15 2009 5:08PM
i own all hot guys XD jkjk
▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║© 2009 hot guys ink.
Dec 21 2007 1:05PM
heads up
heads up u dont want to piss me off


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Dec 1 2008 6:37AM

hey cuz luv ya 4ever and ever
Nov 18 2008 9:44PM

<3 hey cuz jus stop by 2 tel ya i <3 luv <3 ya <3
Nov 5 2008 3:35PM

lol wow don't worry i waz bored so i sent it to all mii friendz and you were in them lol
Nov 3 2008 4:50PM

wow im not sayin it to you i just want you to give it to sumone XD
Oct 27 2008 6:54PM

If i told you that i waz sad and i wanted you to hold mii every time i cryed would you?......If i told you i needed you to cheer mii up everytime i waz sad would you?If i told you i wanted you to satify mii would you?If i told you that the time i waz alone i would call you for a quickie?If i told you that you were the most beautyfullest gurl every would you kiss mii?If i told you that i've been thinking about you everyday would you smile?If i wrote you a love letter like this one would you go out with me?If i told you that thiz iz how i really feel about you would you tell mii how thiz would have changed how you feel about mii?If i told you that i wrote thiz whole thing because i waz thinking about you would you honestly tell mii you loved mii?IF THE PERSON YOU SEND THIZ TO IZ THE ONE YOU WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LYFE WITH OR YOU JUST TRUELY CARE FOR THEM THAN IF YOU GET IT BAQ YOU KNO THAT THEY LYKE YOU TOO!!
DJ Anthony08
Oct 3 2008 1:54AM

H3y!!! @n+h0ny h3r3 2 $h0w u nd ur p@g3 sum luv
Sep 24 2008 6:44AM

hey cuz cant wait till this week luv ya
Sep 14 2008 10:27AM

hey cuzin just stop by to show ur page some luv also wondering y u got grounded
Sep 4 2008 7:58PM

<3<3<3 He gave her 11 real roses and 1 plastic rose and he said i will love you until the last rose dies<3<3<3
luv ya
Aug 26 2008 9:41PM

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