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Mar 4 2018 1:21PM
If any of my old friends miraculously get on, message me for my Snapchat or kik!
Mar 23 2017 11:59PM
This probs sounds stupid af but reading all of the comments on my page makes me sad af 😭😭😭 I had so many people to talk to and I legit felt so close to all of you guys. It makes me sad that there's literally no way I can get a hold of any of the people that don't ever get on here
Mar 23 2017 11:25PM
This is insane. I decided to log on here just for old times sake. It's so crazy too me getting on and seeing all of my friends recent (if you can call it that) blogs reflecting on their life's on this website. This site used to be such a huge part of my life and I'm honestly so glad. Looking back on all my blogs brings back so many crazy memories 😂 I made so many close friends on here and it makes me sad that I didn't get to keep in touch with most of them. If any of my old close friends on here miraculously gets on here and sees this, message me for my Kik or something! I'll get on here once in a great while to read my old cringeworthy blogs 😂
Jul 7 2014 4:26PM
This site is dead.
Mar 21 2014 4:40AM
Awhh I miss the people I used to talk to on here. Hahaha this site is super lame now!
Jan 28 2014 9:31PM
I was trippin so bad yesterday haha I swear I kept hearing my friend laugh when we were alone at my house. Idk if it was cuz I was high or whattt but it was scary as hell
Jan 27 2014 8:49PM
I put a shiit ton of new pics on flickr :]
Dec 24 2013 9:56PM
guys suck.
Oct 11 2013 6:29PM
if you haven't already, make out with someone who has a tongue ring. lololol
Sep 17 2013 5:34PM
I went to so many concerts this summer!
I've seen Wallpaper., We Came as Romans, Tonight Alive, I See Stars, Anarbor, NeverShoutNever, Pepper, Capital Cities, Airborne Toxic Event, Deer Hunter, Blue October, Panic! at the Disco, Kid Cudi, MGMT, and more!
Crazyyy (:


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Oct 19 2017 10:18PM

Gahh, I miss you <3 :(
Oct 17 2017 3:12AM

Well, I decided to also leave you a comment. :)
Jun 23 2017 10:36PM

Hope you are doing good!!
Jun 29 2014 11:56PM

oh hi.
Feb 17 2014 9:39PM

My baby <3 ;)
Nov 28 2013 7:48PM

<3 (:
【★raab himself★】
Oct 29 2013 4:21AM

We have to burn together sometime x3 obivously video chat
【★raab himself★】
Oct 26 2013 3:21PM

Summin bout stoner chickss ;D
【★raab himself★】
Oct 25 2013 4:19PM

Shelbs doe c:
Sep 4 2013 10:50PM

Indeed <3
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