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hello im hbk36628wwe33 i like hbk im the biggest jurassic park fan.i dont need any jerks adding me a all and i need more views.also im not a jerk at all so add me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Aug 4 2009 7:50PM
hey people im starting an mfg new cast i need a reporter to catch up some storys so tell me soon
Jun 1 2009 7:05PM
mfg news articles
i had a cople people aske me qustions i post one ok. lets make his name john ( he didnt want his real name on here) ok john asked me that hes been attacked by bullies in school. and he wanted to know any fight moves. i told him that when the bully goes for a punch he grabs it and twist it. then tell him that thers no need for violence and just defend himself the whole time
Jun 1 2009 6:31PM
mfg news
hello this is hbk with news of weird stuff. last night on mtv we had emeinm get nail in the face with big checks.also twilight got many awards.swine flu nothins happening near me right now in PA.new land of the lost movie comes out this friday hope i see it.mfg news im unaware of besides new games wicth i post my top 10 fav games. and movies.oh if you have any qustions or problemssend me a ,message to help with like dateing, advice and more:) :) tell me any news or stuf i can put on my news blog tommorow ill put anything yal request. and im hreing a mfg news reporter
Jan 1 2009 12:12AM
dino island last episode
ok we have to go to the river bank and hijack a boat and get the heck out of here.ok open the doors.... now!!!!!!!!1 boom boom boom got them all lets role get in the car. 1hour later..... get in the boat quick. wait hand me the binaclalers. wait i see a bunch of dinosaurs heading this way. get in now ill hold them off you can leave without me ok.fine. go go go. 2 days later. ahhhh what happened.freeze, wow whats going on. there are dinosaurs every where in the us.oh crap i quess they escaped. yeah we found safer areas come with us ok. i got it lets go............. this is hbk and hoped you liked these shows well hapy new year
Jan 1 2009 12:03AM
happy new year!!
Dec 19 2008 5:05PM
dino island news
hello all dino island fans i have some sad news im making the last episode of dino island soon but theres some good news though im starting a new show like the mistery of the unown murder. so if you have any ideas about the episode of this so please give me ideas now and sorry
Dec 11 2008 7:17PM
who is afraid of 2012 and who belives in it tell me now
Dec 9 2008 8:30PM
hey if you are scarred of 2012 end of te world. its fake because its just changes of the earth and the sun will go out for a day in 2012 december 21 it will be scary people will die because they will think it end of the cworld but its not so dont be scarred stupid mayans with their stupid rumors
Dec 9 2008 8:26PM
im back on mfg
Oct 4 2008 9:10PM
i have a new avatar its my favrite band i love the song twisted transistor


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the hulk
Jun 30 2008 2:58PM

hey whats up
hbk rocks 10
Jun 29 2008 10:38PM

Jun 12 2008 10:52AM

hey baby
Jun 11 2008 12:40PM

you are retarded people don't add him add me!
rage machine
Jun 9 2008 9:00PM

hey wuts up man gust wanted 2 say YO WUTS UP
Jun 2 2008 8:47PM

hey whats up
May 13 2008 9:18PM

rage machine
Apr 30 2008 6:34PM

IF U WERE KILLED TOMORROW; I WOULDNT GO " UR FUNERAL CUZ ID B N JAIL 4 KILLING THE NIGGA THAT KILLED YOU ...., WE TRUE HOMIES WE RIDE TOGETHER WE DIE TOGETHER sent this 2 everyone you care about including me, if u get this 13 times ue a true homie
Apr 24 2008 8:33PM

hi who do u want at wwe chapionship at backlash
Apr 23 2008 8:54PM

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