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up ur ass around da corner, United States
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im always bored and have a atitude if u dont lik me dont meat me and yes i spelled a lot of wordz rong

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Nov 27 2010 3:05PM
devious targets u might be one think about dark place justtjk bored as hell
Nov 27 2010 3:01PM
im single :(
Jun 19 2010 6:13PM
a did u no im bored

because theres nothing to do

cause is shorter for because

dildos i dont like them

electric is awsome cause it destroys stuff

fire flys glow did u no tat no ur to dum

george ov da jungle is gay

hates anoying people naw im just playing cuz i am one

im porto rican and mexican u got a problem come to me well handle it pyshicaly

joker is awsome

kiss dog crap and ill give u no money


men are like me cause i am 1

newports are cigarets

octupuses have lot of leggs

piss on a tree


resting feels good

snakes are cool i have one

test how strong u are

u r not strong

velvelt i think tats a color

what ever

xx ray

yes i spelled a lot of words rong and only used one letter


zebra was da only leter tat started with z tat i could come up in the moment
Apr 6 2009 6:53PM
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha im calling 911


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Jun 19 2010 8:22PM

yay ur 1st comment ya u r vsoooooooooo kool and ya wen i think of more stuff i put it so im just gonna go now......

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