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Im 18.i like girls.

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Jan 29 2011 4:39PM
please come back
well i left mostfungames and came back and there are no emo`s am 1 myself where did they all go?
Jan 23 2011 1:02PM
10.they should ad a chat bar on
well i was playing on a site and it had a chat bar i think this site should have a chat bar so you could talk to your freinds and if u don`t like what soemone is doing you can mute them and you could also send links to somebody in stead of pming them and if u did not whant anybody else to see what you are chattin you could go to a players name and click send pm then in either a blue green yellow pink or red bar would be the message that only the person that u clicked can see what do u think pm and tell me what you think.


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