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got bit by a vampire in, Romania
About Me:
(blake) (bi) (engaged to tasha) Loveing so uaa mgs meh ik we are goona be good friends :)
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May 7 2011 8:25PM
Peace Clan
Want to join something are you always bored like 24/7 want peace on earth Join the Peace Clan for more information talk to The Temptations
Nov 14 2010 10:24AM
this is my goodbye
well i cant leave this account without a proper goodbye im not leaveing this site im makeing a new account idk what username to use at the end of this blog il probly have a username picked out i want to thank all my friends on here like lexus and my other friends and my curret gf/wifey tasha and the people i loved died on me like blake and chelsea well this is probly my dearist and fullest gooodbye il still be on here and on this profile just not as often cause of my new account so bye bye
Nov 13 2010 4:25PM
bored to death
im so ****ing bored no 1 to hang with i have no football cause its over im kinda horny wanting to get some1 pregnit but i have to wait mgs me i dont bite.... HARD
Nov 11 2010 7:54PM
my week
well monday i had gym first period we played basketball i had 31 pts 3 3 pointers and 7 baskets and 1 rebound and tuesday i had basketball club with the saint john mill rats we ran and ran and did some drills wensday i had basketball practise for my up comeing game in st sephans where making a stop in st croix island and learn bout it today i was on here all day talking with my bedtie ans moi wifey tomarrow i got tech tech yahoo :( well that was my week mgs me?
Nov 11 2010 6:01PM
not afraid
im not afraid to take a stand
Nov 11 2010 3:32PM
imma be online but ill be playing madden 08
Nov 11 2010 11:51AM
i mgsed 2 of em never replied it takes them 4-10 mins
Nov 11 2010 9:28AM
i might quit this wonderful site since no1 is on when i am and to much fakes but the main reason i might quit is because of BAT(some people know who he is not sure if i will quit iil probly make my dision b4 xmas so ya
-a sad blake
Nov 11 2010 8:41AM
if u where in a grave yard and you had a m16 and 20 c4s and 1 moltov vs 11000000000 zombies with guns would u run or surrender
Nov 9 2010 6:55PM
rest in peace JDOG youll be missed i hope u gave me the don spot in the NB BLOODS you lived by the gun u died by the gun R.I.P. JDOG BLOODS 4 EVA


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nikki ash
Aug 7 2011 4:30PM

IM ON! Where are Yew!!? :(
Nov 15 2010 12:10PM

Blakey blake blake !!!! <3 well i would list stuff negative about u but i cant think of anything!!hehe well positive things: ur nice u like vamps u stick up for me ur with em through thick and thin ur an amazing fighter (vampster) ur no fakey ur my dorkus right left hand betch and I LOVE YUH!!! (budbud)
hehe i posted this on ur other pro also!!
Nov 12 2010 4:57PM

ummm :( ur dads a scary bastard
Nov 12 2010 3:57PM

Well its not an inside thing cuz u just posted it up for everyone to c NICE BLAKE!!!! u r an unexperianced vampire!! JK JK I LOVE YUH BUDD :p
Nov 12 2010 3:31PM

im only whiter than u cuz im an older vampiree duhhhh :P We so should that would be jizzin frosting xD
*sigh* im hungry if u kno what i mean time to kill and inocent child:D :D :D
- the right hand b**** pain in the ass
Nov 12 2010 3:16PM

ITS CUZ IM BLACK AINT IT?!?!?! (dude ur white -.-) lol
ily u too :D (bestayy) chicken with a lil blood spice mmm :D tastehh
Nov 12 2010 2:57PM

And yes i would stand up for u in anything :D
Nov 12 2010 2:43PM

Awww Blakey!! Ur soo sweett :D NOw its my turn to b sweet xD
1 ur noo fake :D
2 ur amziinnggg
3 u let me kill u xD
4ur super nicee and sweet
5 ur my right and left hand betch
6 i <3 u ;)
7 ur a kick ass vamp :D
8 u have the most crazy ideas E V E R!!!! (strippers n barteners) hehe
Nov 11 2010 5:08PM

This beastly beast is a hoe bag :P jk jk
Hes the bestest vamp evaa!! Love u much betch ;)
Nov 11 2010 3:35PM

Ily u too dorkus :) (bestie)
-The pain in the asss
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