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little rock, United States
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i love the dark world. dont you?

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Jun 11 2009 5:36PM
(///*) this is what i think of u.
(* *)
# # (///?\) <3
Jun 7 2009 5:20PM
emotional suicide
I take my arm in deep depression
I take my blade for the emotional session
I bleed the blood of innocent days
I cry the tears of your questioning ways
I watch the crimson colored mess
I smile hoping for a day less
I bleed the freak of evil
I scream the freak of night
I cut out all the sanity
I carve out all the frieght
The faint shine from the moon
Covers all corners of the room
Soon a knock is at my door
They find me dead upon the floor.

Back in my suicidal days


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