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im a person who loves to talk and hang out. i love a sense of not the dating type i am but not like hi hi im blah well im blah lets go on a date and be bf and gf i dont like to be rushed and hurried

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Jun 16 2010 6:23PM
goodbye class of 2010
class of 2010 was the nicest you'll ever find we all were the best of friends sure we all had are bads but we had are goods are bads our happy and sads but we all had our best of time so i say good luck to jadea,cj.evelyn,jacob,sarah,connor,montrae,yacir,ariel,kaylee,tori,selena,maddie,skyler,nicole,carrissa,dallas,kevin,kearra,jhoneka,britini and plz keep in contact i'll miss you
Jun 9 2010 2:05AM
LOVE- by Katelynn B.
Love is not a fear
thou you fear the one you love,
When ever you shed a tear
the moments spread by white doves

When you get your feelings torn
who is there to care,
When you feel reborn
who is there to share

Why does love end
why is the most small moments so neat,
Whom ever cares and tends
some people are sour but most are sweet!
May 30 2010 2:01AM
HELLO AND HI! iIf you may have notice most of you girls have bfs well ....not to be rude or anything but
if you met him a week or a day ago its to early
for you to be together you may think he is your true love forever but if it
doesnt last your gonna be sad
that all the other boys that asked you out are gonna be taken and it will be to late
for you to date them especialy it they were nice and cool :(


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