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Nov 22 2014 9:39AM
colorado where we at haha
if you livin in co holla at ya boy
Oct 21 2013 5:42AM
That's life!
All these **** niggas an tricks. All they do is try to take everything from you. Thas why most my niggas servin life
Oct 16 2013 7:07PM
When erythings done an dealt with my name will be lost in the remains
Oct 13 2013 5:05AM
Times like these can't help but think a rope would sound nice..
Mar 23 2013 9:18AM
**** yo set!
We real OG's round here from the VSLC to 213 all the way to the CSC an now we livin lo key. So **** all y'all fonies thinkin that you bang juss cuz you got big homies. Well we got big homies too, only they always posted up by their lonely. They don't need no footsoldiers to handle wat they need to, they real ****in gangstas never can tell wat the **** we gone do.
Mar 16 2013 11:20AM
If you fake, don't even think bout messagin me or it's grill time haha!
Mar 2 2013 12:42PM
Dont hit me up if you ain't tryna talk
We have conversations round here, that mean you talk I respond or I talk you respond. If you ain't got sumin longer then 5 words to say to me at a time, it ain't happenin.
Nov 27 2012 9:40PM
Caliornia Love
if you ever come to the los angeles area come see the big homie in the SFV thats the 818 san fernando valley east los angeles. valerio street thats my neighborhood come see was good. lil homies an big homies bangin that sur trece por vida. mi vida loca:.
Nov 8 2012 12:14AM
For all the dead homies
i know evry hood got they own soldiers putin it down for they block. ery day standin on the block just waitin to meet your end by the trigger of a glock. homies gettin shot u ery day an erybdy actin like is all ok. but we lose more peepl down heer the anyhere else in the world. evryday kids,teenagers,and adults is killed over money or block ****. nobody heers them . nobody knows there name. they die a nameless worthless death. to us there the weak ones that cant take the heat out her on the street. so ima spread this out so evryone will remember there lost ones. see where i come from we dont take anything for granted. if something ever come up as free you beter a planned it or it could be you gettin stabbed or shot or bludgened ta death. RIP to all tru homies. we miss you all
Oct 31 2012 9:11AM
dam short lo w gone ride on the foos who came out bustin dog rip familia.


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melenie. ♥
Mar 7 2012 9:36PM

melenie. ♥
Feb 27 2012 6:01AM

#loveyoumorebaby <3
melenie. ♥
Dec 22 2011 8:12PM

bullshiit .
you didntt fuuck us up .
melenie. ♥
Dec 18 2011 1:34AM

yess . <3
melenie. ♥
Dec 14 2011 9:14PM

i know booo . im soo sorryy .
ill get on moree , i promisee . <33
love youu .
melenie. ♥
Dec 9 2011 11:49PM

iloveyoulaurence forever and ever.♥
melenie. ♥
Dec 3 2011 11:10AM

melenie. ♥
Nov 14 2011 7:09PM

what boo ? (:
melenie. ♥
Nov 10 2011 6:29PM

laurence . (: i love you too booskiess <3
melenie. ♥
Nov 4 2011 10:36PM

you have no clue boo . (:
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