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Jun 23 2010 5:41PM
im so going to the war friday im so pissed at drama from every one
Jun 23 2010 5:12PM
hell ya
shot 200 targets today and 100 were headshots that was fun and great
Jun 22 2010 4:10PM
im in the army now with my friend kyle :'(
Jun 20 2010 3:31PM
life sucks ass
lifes a game till some one gets hurt :'( and today its mine
Jun 20 2010 1:47PM
hell ya
going to play modern warefare 2 all day ;) on the xbox
Jun 20 2010 11:26AM
dont ever give up
dont ever give up on some thing or some u like or love because im sure they wont give up on u or they rnt worth it
Jun 20 2010 12:58AM
damn it
was haveing a good night with some one and some had to reck it
Jun 20 2010 12:38AM
great :{
well my nights wreckrd
Jun 19 2010 9:39PM
yea right
thats bull **** nikki two of ur damn friends have said they would a find me and kill me or b beat the **** out of me so y dont u shut the **** up and grow up
Jun 19 2010 9:02PM
u pick b****
nikki im warrning u now u keep ur friends yelling at me let them find me ill kill them ill be waiting its ur choise call them off or let them find me so i can blow there heads OFF


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Jul 9 2010 2:03AM

I love you BrandonScottCole♥
Jun 22 2010 3:35PM

dude im going into the miltary
Jun 11 2010 7:55PM

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