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Video games are awesome!!! I'm a retro gamer, as well as a hardcore Nintendo fan. Don't get the wrong idea, though; I'm no nerd. Okay, maybe a little.
Don't know, don't care.

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Apr 14 2012 11:57AM
Don't have phone sex. You'll get hearing AIDS.
Nov 20 2011 5:54PM
Another Piece of Wisdom...
People are like Slinkies. They're basically useless, but it's amusing to watch them fall down the stairs.
Nov 20 2011 5:53PM
One Triple O
1,000 profile views!!!
Thx a bunch!
You guys are the best!
Nov 4 2011 10:38PM
A Piece of Wisdom...
When life gives you lemons, squirt them in people's eyes.
Sep 5 2009 1:43PM
Show me funny emotes;
I love 'em!

If I see enough, I'll reveal a really, REALLY cool one!
Jan 24 2009 12:14PM
Sorry, I forgot you can't respond to blogs.
My bad.
Dec 23 2008 6:54PM
Please Respond!!!
I'm down on my knees as I type this-
please continuously view my profile and respond to my blog. I'm cool don't be afraid of me or anything. I just want to feel kind of popular. P.S. I forgot the name of that game where you jump on books and leap into the sky, please tell me so I can add it to my favorites!
Dec 18 2008 7:20PM
What Other Gaming Sites Are There?
I've heard of addicting games, and I think eye gas exists. I personally like, where you can play mr. pio pio. Which ones do you like?
Dec 18 2008 7:18PM
What Are The Hardest Games on mostfungames?
What are the hardest games on mostfungames? I think some are a pencil odyssey, scrape, snake, kindergarten, and gorillas geep simulator (when you try to stay on the track).


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