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Not much to say here. Just a normal teenager like everyone else in the world. Hobbies:playing piano, surfing the web, read, talk, eat, breath, live, etc. XD

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Jul 23 2008 1:35PM
Low Fat Milk
O.K, this is gonna b the most RANDOM blog that U will read. This about low fat milk. You know how you go to the supermarket or something and you buy milk and it says 1or 2% low fat milk? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE????? If you really think about it, it isn't a big deal about 2% low fat right??? Might as well buy some milk that has ZERO% low fat and it'll probably taste the same as the 2%. Why can't ppl say that is 25% or 26%??? That'll probably get people going. I'm not one of those brainac ppl that know that whether or not 25% is a big deal on your diet or something because I wouldn't know. Really.
Jul 3 2008 6:57PM
Lights, Camera... ACTION!!!!!
Who out there is a action-pack movie fiend??? Raise your hands, i know you're very excited. *chirp, chirp, chirp* why do I always stand alone...???
You guys could count me in as one. i'm a great fan of the Jason Bourne (and for those of you who don't know what movie that is... you're screwed) movies although it seems like the camera crew people were high on something when they were filming and all the action are all bouncing, jeetering, and blurring. (damn camera people!).but the movies are awesome. I have all 3 of them. if it was possible, i would probably film my very own movie of the fourth one and it WILL win the Oscar Awards!!!!! but i'm getting ahead of myself.
Jul 3 2008 2:51PM
Hey peoples!!!
it's my first time with a username on this site. the only reason is that i want ot post messages on the games. some games are so ridiculiously stupid that i HAD to warn people: DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!! but of course, who would listen. the only reason that the retarded games are played is because people WANTED to see how much they suck. and the games suck, the more people play them. it's a law. I myself play the most retarded games while shaking my head at the same time.

but some games on here are pretty good. XD at least SOME. others just plan SUCK!!!!XP

CUL8R ^_^


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