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i drive a truck i work for a school district world wide i fix shade structers and playgrounds

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Jul 11 2014 12:11AM
I'm back I'm 22 male
Sep 15 2013 9:21AM
The Monday night Release of gta v I'm in on it
Aug 31 2013 7:14PM
I'm drinking mikes hard lemonade and peach and apple cider alcohol
Aug 17 2013 10:07PM
It's been years since I've been on here who has Skype or kik that's 18-21 don't bs me
Nov 24 2012 3:36AM
sad and pist
So mad
Nov 23 2012 3:09AM
Any one got skype and wanna skype let me kno
Nov 22 2012 1:22AM
Ok ur pethetic ur 18 and u date 6 graders haha u are a child molester go to hell u think im not scary im a total **** b**** and if u lied about ur age ur petthetic at least im honest
Nov 21 2012 4:41PM
me singing
Me singing
Nov 16 2012 5:50PM
god made adam and eve
Its adam and eve not adam and steve
Nov 13 2012 4:40PM
**** this
No one wants to talk to me :(


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whitney gurr
Jan 14 2011 6:27AM

hey michael whats up you can text me anytime you want

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