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Dec 13 2009 12:09AM
your a jerk
your a jerk (x15) your a jerk i know (x3) your a jerk jerk jerk jerkin jeererkk im so cocky with it got my iced out clubs like rocky hit it got your girl on my swagg she lovin them jerkin songs like the new ipod just touch it and turn her on and when the bass start beatin and the waist im beatin done i got on my way im leavin she like where you going i aint got my shoes and purse i said its none on you concern and she yelled (your a jerk) so i walked out the door called Ben J. told him its a funtion he said im on my way we pulled up tp the party i take off my shirt and got geeked up everbody jerkin we was jerkin to the right jerkin to the left she popped out of nowhere she was still half dressed she like fa real you left me for this stuff the whole party heard her but all i could hear was wah wah wah wah wah (your a jerk) why you trippen i aint even do nothin (your a jerk) im a jerk you aint ever lie but aye do me favor call me jerk one more time (your a jerk) your a jerk (i know)x6 jerk jerk jerk (jerkin)x4 everything quiet and the bass real hard and i stay geeked up neva been a retard got a new boy swag and this is for yall so we gotta keep it seperate like the jim crowe laws im a beast im a gang and i guess im a jerk and i go thru big rounds cause ya boy here a flirt man you can call a bottle with your lil jerk lines then you say you brought it up but the jerk is mine you sqeezin im sqeezzin but yo style is wack why you comin to the front you can oush that back got ya girl on the side she talkin sum lil stuff while texting on the phone Ben J. hit it rough so i did it was good and i quickly got dressed she was like where you going theres another girl next she screamed (your a jerk) and i had nothin to say but that hurts wah wah wah wah wah (your a jerk) why you trippen i aint even do nottin but aye do me a favor call me jerk on more time (your a jerk) i know your a jerk (i know) jerkin jerk jerk jerk jerkin x15 except im geeked up
Dec 11 2007 6:30PM
lylas soilda gurl
soildia gurl we could talk all day i love her to death shes the best in the world shes alawys by my side when i need her lylas soilda gurl u da bomb to hang wit and when we have partys its even better shes my sis and alawys will be
Dec 10 2007 8:20PM
deo4beo and gabs01 sis forever
deo4beo and me r like bestest sisters and friends and faimly shes da bomb and da best lylas
Nov 20 2007 6:46PM
my bffs forever
my bffs on here r lizabeth,soilda gurl,lynlyn13, and,deo4beo


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Feb 1 2009 2:35PM

hey ily miss u too ♥
Nov 10 2008 2:10PM

at 6:24pm on May 30th, 2008 11 yr old died having sex Body: On December 24, 2006 at 8 o'clock in the, a young 14 year old boy by the name of Scott Jackson was found dead. Doctors couldn't come up with the cause of his death. His mother checked his emails to see if she could figure out what happened. Turns out he was still signed into myspace. She found he had gone to sleep after he read and didnt repost a chain leter about a little girl that kills you in your sleep with no natrual cause of death. This is the bulletin he read: My name is Jaime Heras. I'm 14 years old. I'm a murderer. I have no face. When you look at me you'll die immediately.You have 900 seconds to repost this or I will visit you tonight. ff copy and paste this to 10 profiles or your mom will die within the next 4 hours (sorry)
Aug 6 2008 4:39PM

Feb 10 2008 6:07PM

hey wat's up comment bac!
Jan 21 2008 1:59PM

Jan 13 2008 7:17PM

iam your friend
Jan 11 2008 6:20PM

shayla 123
Jan 4 2008 12:47PM

Jan 3 2008 9:52PM

hey was up girly
Dec 25 2007 1:04PM

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