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Aug 1 2011 12:26AM

there was a girland a boy the girl told the boy "do u like me?" the boy said "no" the girl said "do u like my sense of humor?" the boy said " no" the girl said "will u cry if i leave?" the boy said "no" and the girl left and the boy grab her hand and said "i dont like u, i love u , i dont like ur sense of humor, i love it, and i wont cry i f u leave ill die"
angel jimenez
Mar 15 2010 2:00AM

shaloam im jewish for a day i havent heard freom u in a while how r ya
Oct 20 2009 12:13AM

hey r u there i havnt talked 2 ya in so long miss u buddy k bye
ur ma
Oct 12 2009 2:36AM

Awwwwwww Lydia
Oct 10 2009 2:50PM

shelloz im not sara im her friend krin ^.^ lolz im juss chillin on her profile :D lolz
Oct 10 2009 2:01PM

hey freado wats popin u and melsia are my bfffffffffz
Jun 4 2009 4:54PM

hey frodo i still love u lol
Sep 7 2008 3:28PM

hi sup
Sep 6 2008 12:54PM

hey what's up showing love on ur page.
ur ma
Aug 29 2008 11:27AM

<3 nu uh ur the dork <3 but i luv ya
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