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liecster, United Kingdom
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im cute im nice im kind im on the inside mean im on every where cool il be your friend if u be mine AND I LIKE ANYTHING GIRLYGIRL THINGS I LIKE BOYS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr 10 2010 5:31AM
come on
does anybody ever go on this exept from
Mar 15 2010 3:26PM
wat do u want with me
ask me any question u want
like ecsample
do u love ME!
and please be normal
not like a holigan!
Feb 23 2010 12:10PM
so wat about me
i wrote ur name in the sand the sea washed it away
i wrote ur name on a piece of paper some1 chucked it in the bin
i wrote ur name in my heart and it stayed there forever
if im ur fans please let me in your friends
i will let u in my friends if u let me in urs
please please please please!!!
Feb 21 2010 11:11AM
5 monkeys who are wierdos
there were 5 little monkeys climbing up a tree 1 fell down and got shot
there are now 4 little monkeys sleeping in a bed 1 fell of and got shot
there are now 3 little monkeys sitting on a bench 1 jumped of and got shot
there are now 2 little monkeys pooing on the toilet 1 has finished and got shot
there are now 1 little monkeys in my house 1 got out and got murdered


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