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i love acting! been in over 8 shows. love twilight mostly edward and have a sight named

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Mar 4 2009 4:53PM
How to not ask a boy out(from my expeirences)
1.don't grab ur freind by her hands and yell shutup when the boy u like is right in front of u that will make supicous or your freinds supicous and they will start rumors that r probably true and every one in the school will knw u like him other than just your freind.

2. don't throw up on him

3.lastly don't act tough of whatever to get his attention it never works!!!!
follow my advice and you will have boys swarming all round u in seconds
Mar 3 2009 5:52PM
R ua real twilight fan
if ur a real twilight fan and have not already become my friend there are 2 possibles reasons u have not done so you are eithwer nuts or really jealous that i have read it and u haven't becuse i would bungee jump off a plane going 100000000000 mile an hour off the earths atmosphere or climb moaint everest with nothing but me and my big fat old brain. or your a boy and i don't blame u roberts really hot in the movie.


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