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Jun 4 2008 1:36PM
Hit Me Up
whats up peoples hit me up!!
Mar 26 2008 8:45PM
Ok now people if i dont get back to ur comments rite away dont get all mad ok. i have a life u know. i dont just sit on da damn computer all day like sum of u emos out dare. yeah u know who im talkin 2. so dont get mad cuz i do have a life. i mean i have to go to skool, make breakfast, and on and on. so dont get mad and leave me alone if u send me a massage then just waot. i mean holy crap u would not believe how many people send me a message and get pissy when i dont send it back rite away. i mean really get over it. it may b4 a coulple of days b4 i talk to u or send a message back
Mar 24 2008 12:31PM
Hit Me Up
hey whats up, everybody dat be reading dis view my profile alot i want to get 1000 views by da end of da week. also give me some comments i need some comments show me some luv and i will show it back. ill be friends wit any body i want to get 100 people on my friends list by the end of the week to.
Mar 23 2008 11:32AM
Happy Easter
Mar 18 2008 10:02PM
how to impress ur bf / gf
HOW TO IMPRESS A WOMAN: 1. Compliment her, 2. cuddle her, 3. kiss her, 4. caress her, 5. love her, 6. stroke her, 7. tease her, 8. comfort her, 9. protect her, 10. hug her, 11. hold her, 12. spend money on her, 13. wine & dine her, 14. buy things for her, 15. listen to her, 16. care for her, 17. stand by her, 18. support her, 19. go to the ends of the earth for her. HOW TO IMPRESS A MAN: 1.Show up naked. 2. Bring beer.
Mar 18 2008 5:24PM
@dd m3
@dd m3 i will t@lk 2 any1!!!!
Feb 7 2008 8:40PM
send me 1
if u want to be my friend then send me a message!!!!!
Feb 7 2008 8:39PM
hey send me a comment if u luv me or my homie.
Feb 6 2008 7:38PM
hey!! can someone send me a comment. ill be ur best friend!!! plz
Feb 5 2008 10:48AM
super bowl
GO GIANTS!!! it's about time that some one beat the damn pats!!! im tired of people saying "go pats their #1" well their not #1 any more!!! the giants are!!! i dont care if u say that the pats are #1 just because they won their 1st 18 games. the point is they did not when the superbowl and thats all that matters. and i think that everyone is just about done with the hole destiny and pats wining the superbowl over and over. no more!!! now thier is a new champ and his name is Eli manning!!! and i got a feeling he will win a hole lot more!!


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Hot mom!!!!!!
Jun 24 2008 6:20PM

hay whats up bor
Jun 8 2008 1:46PM

Hey i know its been a long time huh....well lates
May 5 2008 9:38PM

hey just stoping by to show some love to yo page
Apr 28 2008 6:27PM

hey....wat u been doin?!? jus holla at me wen u get tha chance
Mar 25 2008 7:43PM

just droppi to tell you hea sexi
Mar 24 2008 9:44PM

dont worry! i wil mamber u!!! lol
Mar 24 2008 8:57PM

Just showing some luv. Oh Ya Happy Easter ! ('.')
Mar 24 2008 12:34PM

hey watz up^ jus stoppin by 2 show ur page some luvin. if u want return da favor. peace out -Toe~Toe
Mar 24 2008 12:24PM

what up dog lol
Mar 24 2008 9:51AM

wuts up sexy i wus jus stopppin by to show yo page some luv,so
wen u get dis mess... hit me up
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