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Snort sherbert, not drugs. K?

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Jul 25 2010 10:09PM
Laughing so hard my Sombre falls off and I drop my taco.
Jun 11 2010 2:05AM
Sticks and stones may break my bones but ooh those whips
and chains excite me. A blindfold may hide my eyes but i love the ties that bind me...
Jun 10 2010 3:36AM
Simple right?
To satisfy a woman: praise her,pamper her,cuddle
her,hold her,kiss her,talk to her,listen to her,respect her,LOVE her..
To satisfy a man suck his cock. JOB DONE!!!
Jun 10 2010 3:31AM
I didn't say it was the best sex I ever had, I said you did your best.
Jun 10 2010 3:31AM
Ya know it!
There are three little words that will make any man stay awake after sex...I've had better
Jun 10 2010 3:28AM
McDonald's is like sex, I'm loving it.
Subway is like ***** eat fresh.
Burger kings like a prostitute have it Ur way.
Little Cesar's is like orgasms hot and ready
Jun 10 2010 3:27AM
Ive realized that sex is not the answer.
Sex is the question and HELL YES is the answer!!
Jun 10 2010 3:24AM
Hubby says:"I fancy kinky sex,can i cum in Ur ear?"
Wife says: "NO i might go deaf"
Hubby says"I been cumin in ur mouth for 20 years & ur still ****ing talking!!"
Jun 10 2010 3:22AM
Lol, Wtf?!
So when your you get a phoner?
Jun 10 2010 3:21AM
Life is kinda like some point your are gonna get ****ed.


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Jul 17 2010 11:55AM

ERIN! :]
it looked like you need comments
sooooo here i am!<3
6th comment; (i hope i counted right) o_O
-rapes your page- OH MY GOSH what was that! [;<
Welps, peace out my smexxi frann (:

-Alyssa.! <3
Jun 15 2010 9:07PM

Elloz Darling(:
Glad to be your Friend<3
Jun 10 2010 10:01AM

Well, thats nice(:
Jun 9 2010 9:52PM

Awww(: really?
Jun 9 2010 8:48PM

Well hello(: im glad you added me(:
Jun 9 2010 8:40PM

Erin! (:
this chico is hillarious and awshum!
if you dont know him then hop to it quick like a bunniee! <3
first comment!!! -steals comment virginity- mineeee (:<
well, just showing some love to your page.
new fran(: luv yaaa


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