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None ya business, United States
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Well the name is Hannah... I'm up to meeting new people if you wanna know anything else HMU!!(:

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Dec 19 2012 8:38PM
If anyone on here has a kik my name is blondie_babe123 add me!(:
Aug 5 2012 7:38PM
If you believe in
God repost this. Please don't ignore; you are being tested. For it says
in the Bible, "Deny me in front of everyone, I will deny you in front
of my father." 97% won't post. Will you?


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Aug 12 2012 1:41AM

Pirate! I miss you :(
Aug 7 2012 9:35PM

and you're the best pirate! :D
Aug 6 2012 10:34PM

Hurhurhur! :D
No I'm afraid, my pirate that my smileys are better
:B :D :3 :T :) ;) B)
^^ see point proven.
-tulip :)
Aug 4 2012 11:16PM

:0 no comments on your page! D:
This is awesome, forreals.
*puts your comment virginity in my pants*
No one shall have it ;D

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