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i guess im scene now.the loneliness ive felt be4 is noting like the whole in my heart i feel now. Sweetness loves me, tastes me, hears me the names jossy hit me up haha im real nice nd i dont bite....hard

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Feb 22 2011 1:20AM
add my new one
otay so i made a new account i ish jossy_bear add me
Feb 22 2011 1:07AM
should i
i think jossy is going to make a new profile v.v yes
Feb 22 2011 1:04AM
why do half people not know what scene is like a lot of people dont kno what a scene girl is thats messed up im scene/emo doesnt matter witch just find out and see what you thik b4 u message me
Feb 20 2011 4:03AM
national, annul, sex, cooperation
Feb 20 2011 3:51AM
Youre with DAVID. You met him at the vampire council. you are very independent, strong,and dont like to worry about someone other than yourself. You guys were pointed partners. At first,you despised eachother simply because you were threatened by eachother. And because youre EXACTLY the same. But within time you developed feelings towards him. After one year of being vampire partners he says "hey.." "hey." then with no warning he just kisses you. You say "um...ok?" "im sorry i thought u felt the same way.." U look at him. "i do." then you kiss him again..and again..and again. Until he finally says "i love you" and then you say "i love you too". HE's strong and very protective of you and will do anything for you. He listens to every word and wish and tells you everyday that you are everything to him. You spend the rest of immortal life together until you both die in battle. I'm sorry..
Feb 16 2011 9:34PM
its shower time
Feb 14 2011 6:08PM
new ness
Feb 13 2011 3:01PM
"IDGAF" im "sexting" "miss bipolar" to "scream for my icecream" cause "ima monster" whos got the "keys to the bakery" for "looking hot and dangerous" with my "mad rad hair" so "S my D" cause "its happening" im becomeing a "wet dream war machine" for the "suicide club" wich is "siq with A Q"!
Feb 11 2011 9:03PM
she just woke up she should b able to come home in 4 days
Feb 10 2011 1:22PM
jossy coma
this is ray jossys best buddy/ son lol anyways she is in a coma now she probably wont wake up from it im not sure the doctors are examining her :( i just wanna cry cause i miss her voice even tho i barley hear it


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Feb 22 2011 6:02PM

nope :D
Feb 21 2011 8:54PM

hehe dnt worry its nt scary at all :P
Feb 20 2011 11:09AM

its been so long since i commented :3
i wuld like to say
Die potato!!!
if only ppl knew wat i wuz talkn about >:D
Jan 30 2011 8:48PM

oh dam another epic fail the whole world could see besides the femal thing in one of my blogs >.<
Jan 30 2011 8:47PM

i ws just messin with ya lol
Jan 29 2011 10:33AM

ok u calld it first bts all of ors ok:3
Jan 22 2011 1:54PM

fine...... but i called it first just to let u know that :P
Jan 22 2011 11:42AM

It cant b jst rs, its all of ours since we all comment on it so :P
Jan 16 2011 4:38PM

heart <3
Jan 16 2011 12:33PM

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