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Jul 19 2010 6:41PM
heyy people im leaving this sight for good
so if yu want to tlk to me
let me give yu the email yu can reach me at
yeah im sorry but im tired of wasting my life away
by mykal yur my bestest friend ever
love yu all well some of yu

tyler zachery matthews
Jul 19 2010 11:02AM
Tyler stole my muffin? what D: !
Let's see its ummm 11 am and im really bored D:
so i decided to hack this freakerrr TYLER! xD
he was nice enough to let me hack him tyvm u now made me unbored
bxtch what now that is a word! so stick that in ur juicebox and suck it
So anyway me and Kylee are gonna make a blog arguement later on how anadians say eh all the time
and why canadian bacon taste so good when its just ham. BUT ITS GOOD HAM!
lol anyway yeah so I love tylerrr as a bestie idk why i allways expand names like that xD
but its fun so yeah

- Kaley<3
Jul 18 2010 5:05PM
Glub Glub. o.o?
Hello, Americans Canadians and Aliens.
I'm hacking Tyler Zachery Matthews.. The Second?
Anywho. Tyler.
One word. Epic!^^
This boy is more than you'll Ever be.
You may try. But you will fail. Ha.
He's SO Adorable. Fer'real.[:
And.. As you can see.
He's a fishy?^^
He's a Dork at times.
But Completely Lovable.
Yes. I love you Tyler Zachery Matthews.
Don't change for the world.[:
Muah! I better sign out.
Ta-ta, love.
Jul 18 2010 4:55PM
mykals song
-clears throat-
Tyler Zachery Matthews Is an Adorable Boy.
Tyler Zachery Matthews
Fills my heart with Joy? (Lame)
He's a sweet little fish
This boy, you better not diss. Or..
Imma beat Yo' Ass![:
The End. Lmao
Jul 17 2010 10:07PM
He's ****ing Dope xD
This is Tessi.
Here on this kiddos account.
Why am i on his account, because he said i could be.
I bet your super jelly right now.
I love this guy.
He's the best gay guy everr.
And Jerry your tree is super lame.
But Steve on the other hand.
Amazing tree.
Well imma get off your account.
Because i have better things to do.
Ta-Ta for now.
Jul 15 2010 9:54PM
Ewww Tyler
this is kellie here
hacking this amazingly awsome person
Jul 15 2010 8:57PM
Someone is creeping me :)
KAley here hacking tylerrrrrr
i dont no him very well but his user has ello as in british people ello :D
anyways yeah so im hoping we can be friends :)
oh and the title is correct some dude is creeping me D:

- Kaley<3
Mar 23 2010 11:01PM
Omg Sex in a pan!
Dis is Stella hurr!
Im hacking the one the only Tylerr!
I lurv him!
Hes one amazing guy!
Oh yeah we'd be doin yur mom! Cause her ass is mighty fine in them mom jeans! lol
Well i guess i should get off his account and get on mine
So, Later Haters!

xoxo Stella


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Jul 20 2010 6:56PM

Tyler! D:
I will miss you Way More.
About A mile more than you could Even Begin to Imagine.
Muah! -cries-
Goodbye Best Friend TT^TT
I love you.<3
Jul 19 2010 12:28PM

Jul 18 2010 4:44PM

So you're a Second?
Tyler Zachery Matthews II?
Jul 18 2010 4:39PM

You're my Besterest-est Friend.
^- I'm a retard. Don't remind me. Ha.
I'm messaging you now.
Finding out thing I didn't know before o;
Tyler Zachery[;
Jul 12 2010 6:32PM

T-t-t-Tyler!;D Hello Best Friend^^
You're totally too Cool for School.
^- Stupid Saying. o.o
I love you So Much.<33
Later, Tater. - Mykal
Mar 25 2010 7:05PM

Hewwo Tyler.
Thanks for bein a BEST BESTIE hun!
-drinks Kool-Aid-
I love you deary!
<33 Mykal
[[besties for Everlasters]]
Mar 24 2010 4:52PM

Dear Tylerr,
I lurv you. You have nice hair. You make me laugh. You should get high on crayons wit me. Someday I will bite youu. You + me = doin yur mom. If I saw you now I'd scream OMG its Tylerr. Remember that time when we sang booty call? I would build a magical wonderland for you. If I could sing you any song it would be doin your mom. We could do someones mom under the stars.
(P.S. Yur momm is lookin mighty finee up in them mom jeans xD)

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