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Feb 28 2012 4:38PM
Play Me
Why the **** you Trying to Play Me
Girl just cuz we ****ing that Dnt make You my Lady
Why the **** you Trying to Play Me
You act like you My Niggah but iknow you Niggahs shady
Oct 24 2011 10:28PM
Alcoholic Bow Wow
Told you a Thousand timesz.!! Thisz time youd crosz the line.!! Who the Hell you Yellin at.!? Girl dnt make me Turn thisz car back.!! I aint trying to go to jail Tonight over your Asz.!! Get your hands up out my face Shawty Just relax.!! You called me outta my name So i called you a b****.!! Cusz you on that stupid ****.!! And girl tonight im just not in the Mood.!!
Oct 10 2011 9:39AM
Havnt been on for a long asz time.! You should get at your boy and dnt be strangersz.!! ;)
Nov 11 2010 1:06AM
This is the best person I have ever met. (: She is amazing and beautiful and perfect.
I am so glad I met her. (:

-- I love you Kaylee.


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Jul 5 2011 9:45AM

Hello? Ummmm, well yeah....Bubble butt here misses youu!
Just sayin....(:
Jun 7 2011 3:10AM

Hey baby (:
Just showin some love to MY boy.
& for all you girls tryin to get at him...
Don't try he MINE and just MINE!<3
muah! I lahh you babe(;
Jun 3 2011 4:17PM

I woke up in a hospital bed. Scared because i couldnt move, i asked the doctor "whats going on?" he said "you dont remember?" it all happened at school". He told me " your friend had a problem with some people at school and almost got shot-you jumped infront of them and took the bullet yourself.Lucky you didnt die,.................... you're going to be okay though so dont worry". Now i think to myself, " I'm happy i took that bullet for you, because it would of hurt even more to see you lying in this hospital bed. Send this to 12 people you would take a bullet for ♥
May 30 2011 9:36PM

im stealing ur comment virginity! k? mkay. ;) have a nice day
May 9 2011 11:47PM

I Love You !(:
Always And Forever
I Promise!!<3
May 1 2011 3:34AM

& You Will Always Be My Boy No Matter What
& No Girl And No Dude Will Change What We Have !(:
I Promise <3
May 1 2011 3:02AM

Well baby it hasn't been a week you have me falling for you!
Time will fly by I'm moving up there memorial weekend(;
I will do anything to keep you happy just as you would for me
You keep that smile on my face and I never stop smiling because of the little things you say your that person I can count on to be there for me when I need somebody and right now I absolutely love the fact that we're talking (:
Your MY boy and I love you (:
kelsie is dead
Apr 1 2011 8:34PM

showing some love to my home boy!!
Mar 14 2011 6:54PM

Nov 24 2010 2:13PM

Kaylee lovess you. (:
Sorry I have been uberr busy.
I miss you <3
Textt or Call me sometime!

xx-- Kaylee<3
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