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Complete mess. Don't bother.

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May 25 2015 9:53PM
Sometimes I just want to hit you up and then i'm like nah, you don't want to talk to me.
May 18 2015 9:03PM
"Insecurities get the best of us."
Mar 16 2015 4:46PM
I'm still counting on one last wave of puberty to come really late and make me really hot.
Oct 4 2014 12:22AM
So tired of the bull**** and everything else.
Sep 24 2014 11:02PM
Oversized sweaters>
Sep 20 2014 11:54PM
Watching Scary movies while being home alone wasn't such a good idea. Scared out of my mind.
Sep 17 2014 10:32PM
Tbh I don't remember posting half the stuff I do.
Sep 3 2014 9:32PM
“I just reminded myself how happy I was when I had YOU and it hurt”
Aug 26 2014 9:36PM
I hate people who can't be single and think they MUST be in a relationship at all times
Aug 25 2014 10:25PM
Such a good day. <3


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Jun 5 2015 6:26AM

okay love :)
May 28 2015 11:27AM

hi.. long time no talk! hope you're doing okay.
Jul 30 2014 12:14AM

Damn, i'm on but you arent. JFC
sexy girl 101
Jul 28 2014 6:05PM

Madds, randomly got bored and logged on here. Seen your blog and thought i would tell you i'm still here if you need me. Bff's till the end. Nothings changed. Message me.
Jul 13 2014 3:24AM

Text me sometime. I miss you like crazy.
Jul 12 2014 10:11PM

I miss you bae. People on here still think we are lesbians and that we are dating. Lol. Get on more, Miss you and love you.
sexy girl 101
Jul 12 2014 1:39AM

KIk me madds, hope you're doing okay. Hows flordia? Wish you didnt have to move.
Apr 22 2014 12:42AM

hope you don't mind I'm just dropping by to see how you are? hope you're doing well you deserve to be happy :) sometimes I really miss talking to you hell I miss talking to you all the time I'm not gonna lie if we ever would start talking again... I kinda got a new number again of course anyway if u need anything my number is 5749070457 okay that's all have a good one Maddie you deserve it!
sexy girl 101
Feb 2 2014 11:09AM

And where have you been ma'am?
Dec 19 2013 3:42PM

I called my grandma a thot and she was like "thank you" I laughed so hard then I told her it meant hoe and she was so mad. It was pretty funny. Wish you were there (; Miss you
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