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Dec 19 2007 5:33PM
Schools Out!
Scool is finally out now i can sit back and relax my Winter Break
Dec 14 2007 4:40PM
The Hocky Game
Today I went to the hockey game. It was great! I got to talk to a cheerleader. I ate peanuts and drunk some sprite.
Dec 9 2007 8:05PM
Oranges and Grapefruit
Today I had to unpack loads of tangelos, grapefruits, and oranges. My back hurts and I am soor but I still like to help out.
Dec 2 2007 5:22PM
A Relaxing Day
Today I didnt go to church. Instead I had to fold clothes and make dinner. I went to to store with my grandma. Today was a boring day.
Dec 1 2007 8:21PM
A Cleaning and Eating Day
Today I was forced to clean my closet out. I was still sleepy but I had to do it or I would be hurt. At 5:00 I had to go to the Carian Hotel for my charm and edicute class. Almost everyone got in trouble but I didnt. We had salad, chicken, rice, beans, and for dessert... Red Velvet Cake. I had tea for my drink. Well my day was awsome! ( not counting the claening)
Nov 30 2007 11:48PM
Pissed Off But Still Keeping It Real
Today my best friend Kemdrick got on my nerves. I almost went crazy. But my friends Mariah, Kori, Nandi, and Acciaca was there to cheer me up. By the way went went to Turnuerfield and we were on tv. I was sooo scared whan the repoter asked me questions. But the trip was awsome! We had pizza at the school for lunch. Mrs. Thomas took a picture of me and some other friends playing in the leaves. Today was great!


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Dec 1 2007 12:17AM

What up do123789 just showin' some luv for your profile(remember im the first one too) J/K

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