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Missouri, United States
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Hi m'y name is Emily and I live in Missouri!!! I am really fun funny and outgoing. So be my friend!!!! Or call me at 1-800- sukers do u really think that i am going to put my phone number on the world wide internet!!!! oh and I LOVE to talk!!!<3☮❤:],

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Sep 27 2010 6:03PM
Like me?
JK!! MEssage me on my other account, Emily Nicole
May 31 2010 8:35PM
lolz i love this
okay so i hate this song but i love this part,
The-the-the-there is no competition
That's why we're in the number one position
Your crew can't hang with us
Man, we're too dangerous
Ain't got the style or the stamina
Just doin' my thing
Get hooked on my swing
Rockin' the place, droppin' the bass
Makin' all the girls sing
Yeah, we make the bells ring
May 31 2010 6:45PM
people thees days!
gosh darnit, people dees days, they think im like...freakin 13-16!! well im not so stop asking im 11
May 31 2010 6:42PM
im super cute, super hot, im the girl u dream about


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Aug 15 2010 11:16AM

hi buddy =D i got first comment bc i call it =DDD lol
May 17 2010 6:44PM

i love u more babe
May 17 2010 6:25PM

i love u <3333

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