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My real name is Diomari. I like video games, South Park, bike riding, BBgun shooting, and hanging with my friends. If you find me in the chatroom, my name will be Eric Cartman. My bros name (cloned) will be Stan Marsh.

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Mar 27 2008 10:11AM
I have WAY too many fans. If you wanna be my friend, message me!!!
Mar 27 2008 10:07AM
Prawn to be wild
If anyone hasn't played "Prawn to be wild" (not on most fun games) it's a fun and funny game. Try it out!!!
Oct 14 2007 2:07PM
I like turtles.
Oct 14 2007 2:03PM
If you like games with stick figures, go to StickPage.com Thats how I got all these stick games in my favs.
Sep 15 2007 2:29PM
I sometimes play warbears. If you want to add me in warbears, my name is Diomari Simpson.
Sep 1 2007 9:52PM
Finally, my bro joined mostfungames. Now I can message him! I'm bored.
Aug 25 2007 11:30AM
The game ray is awsome. I scored a 9. thats almost a perfect score. I can't wait until number 3 comes out!!!!!!!!
Aug 17 2007 10:27PM
Got banned from the chatroom? Bummer, sign up for war bears!!! Meet tons of friends, play war bear missions, buy a house and trow a party!!!! Go to warbears.com now to sign up. It's completely free!!!!
Aug 14 2007 6:44PM
Video Games
Notice in my favorites, i have alot of killing/ violent/ painful/ shooting/ death/ blood and gore/ etc. games. LOL. I should start a club. Who doesn't like killing/ violent/ painful/ shooting/ death/ blood and gore/ etc. games?
Aug 13 2007 4:53PM
these are ALL the smileys i know in the chat room. >:) :-) :-( :-p :-x :-o o:-) 8-) $-) (bender) LOL :-& ;-) (L) (U) >:( P) L-) :> ;) :^O :< :B |-) (ghost) :D :S :-* :| try em out.


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Nov 19 2007 3:01PM

dude call this its a old lady lol 1-912-294-1737 lol
Oct 22 2007 8:10PM

tell me if u need help with any thange ok
Oct 15 2007 5:25PM

put a commit on my page
Sep 23 2007 10:50PM

im his sis
Sep 2 2007 4:26PM

I'm his brother.
Sep 2 2007 9:37AM

dio, what's ur brother's name
Sep 2 2007 9:37AM

it's a dollar, it's useless, or is ur cheap u would care,....clone.
Sep 2 2007 12:25AM

You owe me $1!!!!!!!
Aug 30 2007 9:36PM

i love ray too, i don't see raypart2 on ur faves
i eat legos
Aug 20 2007 9:45AM

yo my nigg wat up im just droppin bye to show ur page sum luv
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