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Wutt it Deww?!?! ..da name is devin a.k.a D n gurls follow me around lyke a Damn Paparazzi.. kuz they cnt get over dha brother haha! n wnt 2 kno more hit me up

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Jan 8 2010 1:21PM
Special person!
i think i luv herr she is all i think bout
Dec 31 2009 2:35PM
i got it ... to get a gf! lmfao1 i dnt need a gf 2 complete me
Dec 31 2009 2:34PM
wow.. 2010 is coming up pretty fast .. hmmm i dnt kno wat my new years revolution would be dis year hmmm
Dec 30 2009 4:51PM
Damn dat party was so funn man i knt wait 4 da next 1
Dec 29 2009 5:20PM
lol mi pikkk
ok yeh i am dancin in mi pikk i kno i lookkk drunk but my song was on lolz :)
Dec 29 2009 12:47PM
bf #2
yeh dats rite i am boyfrenn numba 2 kuz when gurls boyfrenn aint treating dem rite dey come 2 me
Dec 29 2009 12:46PM
like i said dey be followin me around like sume paparazzi { but i kinda like it}
Dec 29 2009 12:45PM
i am so tired rite now


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Apr 24 2010 10:17PM

ya ReAllY NeEd To MoVe On I am COMPLETELY !!! DONE Wif Ya Ok BYerRz1!!
Jan 8 2010 1:45PM

wow y didnt ya tell me u lyked lexi

but damn yal look gudd together
Jan 8 2010 1:35PM

CoNGrAtz D:) i am so happy 4 u n lexi i know it yal will be together :)
Dec 30 2009 6:57PM

lolz Devin ya pikk look so dope lol XD { who would think i would ever think i would use dat word XD
Dec 30 2009 4:21PM

Damn dats was sume hell of a party
Dec 29 2009 5:40PM

lol D u lookkk Drunk XD cant believe Kiana toke dat pikk of u at da party!
Dec 29 2009 5:14PM

i like ya pikkk D

{ i kno i am da one who toke a pikk of u anywayz}
n also i was da one who put on da bottom of ya pic
"devin johnson" in white letters i know u can see it very well but dats wat it says!
Dec 29 2009 1:41PM

wuz up D

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