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Oct 6 2007 3:59PM
That b0y
thay boy is fine that boy is hott that boy that makes me smile that boy is all mine he makes me happy to be his
that boy will always love me and i will always love him
Sep 29 2007 8:36PM
Love is more than just a game
well im in love but he keeps playin games what do i do help please
Sep 26 2007 9:56PM
frinds wont always be frinds
dont trust some one with your deepest secret trust it might get out
Sep 26 2007 9:54PM
Dont trust a hater
some one u love cant always be some one u trust . i fond that out in the last boyfriend i had he said he wouldnt do me the same now we know we cant trust a hater fear nobody.


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Sep 30 2007 2:29PM

hey wats up around here ppl is borin j/k lol

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