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Hello. My name is Datonya, but call me Nicole. I am an author, and i love snowboarding, I LOVE Shaun White, and skateboarding. I am OUTGOING. Do Not bug me if ur some stupid pest, or a faker. Thanx. Nicole. I do have a myspace, if u want it ask. I won

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Jan 2 2009 3:22AM
Snowboarding in Breckenridge
Oh my gosh, Breckenridge ruled!
I had sooo much fun, i learned a
few tricks on the Halfpipe, and
yes, it was extrememly cold.
I wanted to See Shaun White, or
Danny Kass, but all that was there
was some Daniel guy (wtf)_yea
I want to go again, but my mom
says i have to go to Japan next
time. Ugh, mom......
There was a lodge, no clue of name,
Breckenridge skii lodge? _idk... :P
Had comfy beds and pillows. lol.
I met some other boarders, and
some guys. lol.
I had fun. and i hope to do it again. :D


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Jan 20 2009 1:46PM

Thanks for the add!
--Jorden Pruitt~

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