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:P Mah Name is Carlie and I am a writer and a Poet. Talk2 meh.

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Mar 31 2011 9:51PM
Msg me :)
Mar 31 2011 9:28PM
Quiz time
Do you like Obama?

What's you favorite color combo?

What is your Favorite Tv show and Movie?

Who is your favorite super hero?

Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender as you?

Do you ever talk 2 yourself?

Does religion play a huge role in your life?

Have you ever considered suicide?

What is your favorite hobby?

Where would you most like to go on vacation?

Do you enjoy sentimental moments?

Have you ever been in love?

Are you a good singer or dancer?

Do you have any piercing? If so which ones?

What is your typical day wear?
Mar 30 2011 8:47PM
Best teen TV shows :)
Vampire Diaries
Gossip Girl
Secret life of the American teenager
Make it or Break it
Pretty little liars

Those are my FAVS!
Mar 30 2011 8:24PM
Love is...
Love is a river,
that never seems to end.
They love you before your born
and long after you are dead.

Love is a war,
where neither side wins,
because the love slowly dissipates,
until it has reached it's end.

Love is computer,
that used to run fast,
now it runs slow,
it was never meant to last.

Love is a cycle,
over and over it goes,
and where it will end,
no body knows.
Mar 30 2011 8:20PM
What never matters.
It wouldn't help for you to take a bullet for me if there are 5 bullets in the gun.
Mar 30 2011 8:16PM
A man I once knew
A feeling of hurt,
covers my mind,
there is something I must do,
but there is no time.

I wake from a nightmare,
to the sound of a thud,
my bed was soaked,
in splatters of blood.

I ran down the stairs,
following the red,
hand prints on the wall,
someone lay dead.

My mothers body,
so cold, so gone,
I know she is dead,
how could I be wrong?

A man is there,
holding the knife,
I know he did it,
he took her life.

He takes of his mask,
why even bother,
and that is when I see,
the man is my father.



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Mar 30 2011 8:33PM

i agree, love is an endless war so true
Mar 30 2011 8:29PM

man i love its dark the ending just surprised me wow thats amazing. i love how it ryhmes very clever i must admit i hope when you grow up you become a wonderful writer you have talent:)

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