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peguis ****ing rez 4 life, Canada
About Me:
sup im darius im native i live on a shity rez . i like rock and rap and i make my own rap song and im hot . well i like to kill things so thats y i go hunting the end i gess if eny girls wanna talk and im not on text 12043081374

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Aug 5 2010 11:44PM
psychos 4 life
we get high together we die together psychos 4 life
Jul 7 2010 1:33AM
****ing sore
hell man i just got jumped by 5 guy with bats and i got in a fight with some guys dad all in one day to day sucks ass
Mar 9 2010 8:45PM
srry 4 being gone
sup ppl sorry i was gone so long i had family **** to do and my internet got cut becauis we had to get my dad out of jail but im back now
May 11 2009 1:30PM
time is not wasted
time is not wasted if your wasted
May 28 2008 2:49PM
dont drink and drive
dont drink and drive get high and fly


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Jun 17 2011 10:47PM

HOLY SHIIT i havent talked to u in like FOREVERZ!!!!
Jul 14 2010 11:56AM

Hey! (:

Just wanted to say how awesome you are!

~Nikki xD
Jul 30 2009 4:23PM

We Run LA;,, BicTh! xDD

To EveryOne! I Guess?? O.o
Guess What?? Cows Go mOOO...&&&&
Me & emma Are Gonna Get married!
Sooo;,, U Better be Coming =DD
Its next Tuesday!
& all i need to say Is That I Love her With all my Effin Heart!
screamz--> I love you emma <3
hehe ^.^
Ohhh;,, Remember to bring a carrot cuz Were Gonna Have a HUGE Carrot FIGHT <33
Thats How i met her!
I was reaching for a Caroot & as We reached Our hands toUched!
It was Love At First Carrot <33
Love u!
!~melisa sk8s~!
Jul 24 2009 7:00PM

fifth comment
May 27 2009 11:21PM

u are never on!!!!
May 12 2009 11:37PM

hiiiiiiii what u doin (//_^) :=)>im bord
Feb 4 2009 4:10PM

hey thanx 4 the add =)
<33 Emo! <33
Nov 18 2008 5:57AM

Heeeyy. First Comment! Yay!

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